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Kim Jong Un Reportedly in Vegetative State Following Surgery

by Elsa Stringer

According to various Japanese media outlets, the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, 36, is currently in a vegetative state following a heart procedure.

Following his surgery, he appears to be in a serious condition, reports the Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai. They say that a Chinese medical worker went on a mission to North Koreaand explained the situation.


Senior writer Kondm Daisuke is behind the story, which he was told first hand by the Chinese expert. He said Kim had chest issued and fell down. CPR was immediately performed and they took him to the nearest hospital. Everyone instantly thought the symptoms were related to coronavirus.

A medical team from Beijing was called in for additional assistance to the leader of North Korea. Before they arrived, a North Korean doctor performed a cardiac surgery. Complications arose due to Kim’s obesity, as well as the anxiety and pressure of the doctor.


Beijing’s team included a senior member of the Chinese Communist Party International Liaison Department. They left China on Thursday. The Reason for their departure is said to be providing advice on the health of Kim Jong Un.

On the other hand, one South Korean website run by North Korean defectors wrote on Thursday that Kim is recovering well from his operation. More news are sure to come in the coming hours and days.

Source: taiwannews.com.tw