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Melania Trump’s Attorney Michael Wildes Criticizes Donald Trump

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 04/23/2020: Donald Trump has another coronavirus measure, and it is yet another travel ban. POTUS halted immigration into the United States temporarily due to coronavirus pandemic. As usual, some are unhappy with this decision. One of them is Michael Wildes, an attorney who aided Melania Trump in gaining citizenship.

The critic from Wildes hits Trump on two fronts. One of them is because of his stance on immigration, while the other is regarding his general response to the ongoing crisis. This attorney helped both Melania, and other members of her family attain green card, including her parents and her sister Ines.

Michael Wildes

Source: www.cbc.ca

Talking to Daily Mail, Wildes said: “Embarrassing, embarrassing, I think it’s embarrassing, but I think we have to not criticize, we have to step up, and all hands on deck are needed.”

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Attorney Wildes didn’t want to criticize Trump further, but he did add that there are things he’s not on board with. Regardless of his opinion, he urged people to vote in November: “We have an opportunity in November to elect somebody probably different if we don’t feel that the president ought to continue that trust, but right now he is our president in the midst of a COVID-19 campaign.”

On the subject of immigration, Wildes had the following to say: “It’s our job to make sure that those people with accents in this country feel the same sense of hospitality that our founding documents and parents have envisioned…”

Donald Trump should have an understanding of immigrants, as, after all, his wife is one. Yesterday, the pair marked Earth Day by planting a tree at the White House lawn. On the matter of trees, POTUS had this to say: “We’re doing something I love doing: planting trees, I’ve always loved it. This tree will grow, also, and it’ll stand tall and beautiful, and the future generations will be looking at it, and they’ll say, “I wonder who planted that tree?”

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