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Whitney Houston’s Hologram Is Going on Tour

by Elsa Stringer

The legendary singer, Whitney Houston, who passed away in 2012 after a d**g overdose, left a huge mark on the music industry scene. Her hits will live on for decades to come and nobody will ever forget her, but some people who think her life ended too quick and that she had more to offer have come up with a controversial idea.


The media and fans of the singer were left in shock after it has been reported that a Whitney Houston hologram is going to have its own tour, years after her death.

The show is titled “An Evening With Whitney – The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour” and it is already a very hot topic online. It is planned to start on February 25 in the UK, and the first preview videos are already up.

Many social media users are furious and disappointed with this development, believing it is disrespectful to her life, work, and legacy.

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One user asked, “Why are you profiting from her death?” while another thinks it looks awful, saying, “It does not look anything like her, it does not look real.” “This is creepy and humiliating,” concluded another angry fan.


This is only the latest hologram of a famous deceased star, the most popular one so far being the one of rapper Tupac Shakur. Amy Winehouse hologram was also planned in 2018.

The main producer of the concert is Pat Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law. She used to be the singer’s manager and she now plans to bring her back to life through technology.


“An event like this is something special, and BASE Hologram will be responsible for it and make sure everything is authentic,” she said in an effort to bring the iconic songs to the next generation and give the fans more from the legendary performer.