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Whitney Houston’s Autopsy Reveals Shocking Facts

by Elsa Stringer

Legendary singer Whitney Houston passed away at 49 years of age in 2012, as she was found in a bathtub in one Beverly Hills hotel. At that moment, her blood showed that there were 9 different dr**s in her organism.


Her life was full of controversy, and since 1992 when she married Bobby Brown her life became turbulent. The moment she met him, she changed and went from one disaster to the next.


From d**g abuse to domestic violence, she had seen her all. Houston and Brown consumed dr**s together and he was violent towards her. When she was younger, her cousin also abused her.

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Recent autopsy report leaks show that at the moment of her death, her health condition was extremely bad. The singer had heart issues, artery expansion, and a nose deviation, all results of co***e use. Needle marks were discovered too.


However, the thing that shocked the doctors the most was the fact that she was missing 11 front teeth. She was wearing fake teeth braces to cover it up. Bobby Brown’s sister Tina said in 2006 that her teeth fell out due to her co***ne abuse.


She added that Whitney was always ordering fake teeth that cost $6000.

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