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Donald Trump Jr Got Permission For Grizzly Hunting in Alaska

by Sinisav

Donald Trump Jr is known as a keen hunter. President’s eldest son enjoys hunting, and he’s not shy of traveling the world to do so. His hobby saw Don Jr visiting Mongolia, South Africa, and other exotic locations to indulge his need to hunt. The closest places where Donald Trump Jr loves to go and hunt include Canada and Alaska.

The latest news we have is that Don Jr is ready for another visit to Alaska. In a town called Nome, close to the Bering Sea, Donald Trump Jr will hunt a grizzly bear. According to officials, he was granted permission for this hunt. There were earlier reports that Don Jr often hunts without approval, or hunts first and asks for permission later. Things like this are possible when you are a son of a US President who is a billionaire at that.

Donald Trump Jr

Source: mensjournal.com

Donald Trump Jr is not the only person who will participate in this hunting session. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Director, Eddie Grasser, there is another twenty-seven participants. The region in which they will hunt, Alaska’s Seward Peninsula, is a location designated for grizzly hunting in this state.

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This region is known as a hunting Mecca. In addition to bears, you can apply to hunt for caribou, moose, and various other species. The number of people who can apply for this hunt is unlimited, but only a lucky few will be selected. A lottery draw chooses the winners, so Don Jr was lucky enough to get elected. It has nothing to do with his status as the son of the 45th US President.

In fact, there wasn’t too much competition for this particular hunt. There are still 24 remaining spots for those who would love to take on a grizzly bear. It seems that all you needed this time is a little bit of money and a lot of courage. This hunting adventure can be yours for $1.160.