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What To Write In A Wedding Card

by William Gist

We have all been there. You shop for so long and hard just to find the perfect wedding card for the oncoming wedding and when you get home you have no idea what to write inside. The good news is that there aren’t any rules you need to follow to write something. As long as you leave a warm congratulations message and positive wishes for their marriage, it is fine.

Wedding cards 101


It should go without saying that these cards are a must for anyone who wants to send their wedding wishes to a newly married or just engaged couple. If you want to follow traditional wedding guest etiquette, you will either want to mail the card directly to the couple or bring it with yourself to the wedding reception. But if you do not care about the etiquette, you can probably send it whenever you want. You could even send a wedding card with a nice message even if the wedding is pretty small and you have not been invited, because such notes are welcome anytime.

Wedding cards come in a lot of different formats. They can come in standard greeting cards you can find at some stationery shop or you can even make a homemade card. It is even that little small tag that you can attach to your gift or you can even find some online templates, print it and send it to the couple with your gift. All of these options can pass as a wedding card and are considered okay, so don’t think that you need more than just one.

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Should you write “Congratulations”?

A simple answer to this question is, yes. However, there used to be an old tradition where writing or saying “congratulations” to newlyweds was once considered a faux pas because people thought of it as congratulating her on finally finding a man. Although, today, it is considered as an outdated rule, so do not worry about it. If the couple is very traditional or comes from a traditional family and thinks that you should avoid this term, then just say “best wishes.”

Formal wedding wishes


Just because the wedding is formal with tuxes and lengthy dresses does not mean you have to send some formal cards with no emotion. The wedding card does not have to match the event at all. However, if you want to write a message that is romantic and timeless, then a formal note is the right choice. For example, ” Best wishes on this wonderful journey”, “Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love”, “May the happiness and love you feel today last for decades”.

Casual wedding wishes

If you do not feel comfortable with any of those formal wedding sayings, then do not do it. Keep your words original and be yourself. It is completely fine to write a casual and friendly message. Just say write something nice and wish them a happy future. This will be enough for any newlywed couple.