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Top Wedding Decoration That You Need To Buy

by William Gist

Whether you are planning a traditional wedding or a modern-meets-Bohemian reception, purchasing the wedding décor for your big day can sometimes be overwhelming and time-consuming.  In order to help you lower the stress levels that you might feel, read about the best wedding decoration that you can buy. Let’s take a look:

The ceremony


  1. Paper confetti – throwing confetti over the groom and bride as they leave the wedding ceremony is a tradition, and you can opt for natural petals of confetti packed in small bags. You can give each guest a bag of them in order to take part in the tradition.
  1. A ring cushion – you will need a ring cushion to give to the ring bearer in order for them to present the rings during the ceremony. You choose them from a wide range of choice in order to fit your wedding theme best.
  1. Candles, candlesticks, lanterns – these will most definitely set a romantic atmosphere, especially when the sun goes down and the lights get dimmer. They have a big effect on the whole feel of the room.



  1. Name place cars and holders – you will want your guests to be able to find their seats, hence, you will need a name card holder. You can choose wooden ones, that will add that natural feel, or you could perhaps opt for small chalkboard where the names will be written on. If you want to see more ideas for name card holders, visit here.
  1. Centerpieces and vases – if you want to have a more informal setting, you could choose smaller bottles or jars, or for a rustic feel, you can choose small bark containers, tree slices, and small crate boxes. These will all make the bouquets of flowers look mesmerizing and dreamy, and it is often the small details that guests notice the most.
  1. Table linen – by simply adding linen to your table, you can really make your wedding tables presentable. You can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs in order to choose one that will fit your wedding style best.



  1. Hanging decoration and backdrops – do not only think about decorating your tables, but you should also think about decorating the room, marquee, and outside the venue. You could hang hearts, lanterns, and love birds all around the room or from the trees surrounding the venue. This kind of decoration will add that wow effect!
  1. Signs – directional signs will help all your guests around the venue, you can show them the way to the reception, dance floor, and bar. Funny quotes and sayings on these cards will add additional fun aspects to your wedding.
  1. A guest book – your wedding book will be a great reminder of your big day, and you should most definitely have one at your venue. You can ask your guests to write marriage advice, and these comments will be something that you will often enjoy reading.



  1. Cake toppers – did you even think about the wedding topper that you will have? You might want to choose a unique wedding topper, like cute figurines of two people dancing, or you could opt for the “Mr. and Mrs.” topper in a wide range of colors. Whatever you choose, make it something that will represent you and your spouse.


As you can see, these are some decorations that you might need for your wedding. Whatever you opt for, just make sure that it will reflect you and your spouse in the best light and that it shows your personalities.