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Top 5 Wedding Destinations in Puglia

by William Gist

Everyone dreams of their wedding day to be the perfect day of their life. It is something that you are going to remember all your life. On the day you get legally connected with the one who you are in love with. Therefore, everyone wants to add some moments in their wedding day to make it more memorable so that they remain etched in your mind till you are alive.

That’s why here we have handpicked some gorgeous venues for your important day. You can take a glimpse of the amazing sites in Puglia you can choose for your wedding.


About Puglia

Puglia is one of the most stunning places that exist on our planet, not only in Italy. It can mesmerize anyone with its stunning sights and delectable gastronomy. So, without any due further, let’s delve into the venues. If you are not done with these 5 places, just check https://yourweddinginpuglia.com/ and you’ll find much more.

Coco Beach

The wedding at the Coco beach is one of the best wedding venues in Puglia for the couples who want to have a thrilling experience in the midst the beachy vibes of Florida. There are many ways you can plan the wedding set-up there that matches with your way of experiencing the auspicious occasion. You can also avail the wedding packages for the coco beach wedding. Within these plans, you can deal with the customizations, whether it’s the unique décor or the colour choices. The place will make your wedding day much more unforgettable.

Masseria San Domenico

It is one of the breath-taking hotels in Puglia. They provide their customers with luxurious five-star amenities. It made its presence in the beautiful heart of Puglia back in the 15th century, and till now it has been maintained very carefully. Choosing a particular hotel for your wedding venue can make your dreams come true. It is because the wedding there in traditional style in between the tropical gardens is a wedding that every girl imagines in the stories. The hotel has a total of 40 room accommodation for your guest as well.

Masseria Torre Coccaro

Another option is here if you are looking for a five-star venue for your wedding celebration. The place has a spectacular view all around in its surrounding. The place is having some real reputation as the Times has honoured it as well for being one of the best hotels in the entire Mediterranean.

The hotel has an awe-inspiring beachside view where you can have the pleasure of their Luxurious amenities. You can plan your wedding here, making it more stunning just as chic style.

Borgo San Marco

If you want to have a unique and pure experience of Puglia Italy wedding, then you need to see this place for once. The charm and warmth of the hotel will compel you to choose the venue as your wedding venue. The venue is at 2km distance from the ocean. They have recently started hosting the weddings with their heart-welcoming hospitality and stunning view,  thus making it one of the best wedding venues in Puglia.

Villa San Martino

The Villa San Martino is considered to be the heart of the Itria Valley in Puglia.  Their services will make your dreams comes true by hosting your wedding most beautifully. Here not only you can just plan your weddings, but also you can make your guests stay here and let them experience their warm welcoming. They allow the wedding couple to make their customizations. The villa is surrounded by the lush green gardens making it perfect for experiencing the Puglia Italy wedding.

These are some destinations that will leave an unforgettable reminiscence deep down in the hearts of your guests. Meanwhile, you have enjoyed your dream wedding as per you planned it to be.