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What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Sunglasses?

by Elsa Stringer

UV Protection

Everyone knows the damage ultraviolet rays can cause to the skin, that’s why we wear sunscreen, but it is less known that ultraviolet rays cause great damage to the eyes, and long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause eye diseases such as cataracts and retinopathy.
So in choosing the right fit for sunglasses, it’s very important to pay attention to its UV protection.
UV400 lenses are 100% resistant to UV light, and to 96-98 UV rays. If UV protection is not stated on the glasses, it is best not to buy them as they won’t protect your eyes.

The human body has an instinctive reaction of self-protection. When the eyes encounter strong light, the pupil will naturally become smaller, so that the ultraviolet energy entering the eyes is reduced, that’s why our eyes hurt when we encounter very bright light. Once the glasses without anti-UV function are worn, the pupils will be enlarged, and the glasses are added, but there is no effect of isolating ultraviolet rays. At this time, the eyes are wide open to the portal, and the ultraviolet rays can be entered. The damage to the eyes can be permanent. This is why proper UV-resistant sunglasses are so important.

The benefits of sunglasses

Sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays because a special coating film is added to the lens, and the inferior sunglasses can not only not block the ultraviolet rays, but also cause the lens transmittance to be seriously degraded, so that the pupils become larger, and the ultraviolet rays will be injected in a large amount, causing the eyes to get irreversible damage. In addition, inferior lenses also cause nausea, insomnia, and other visual fatigue symptoms.
Polarized sunglasses are also great to used in cars because they can reduce the glare of sun of glass or water when outside.

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Lens color

The color of the sunglasses is superior to light gray, brown or light smoke, followed by green, amber, blue, etc. The red is only used for sunbathing or snow.

The darker the sunglasses lens, the better?

The experts at glassesusa.com say that this is a common misconception that the darker the lenses the better. This is wrong. The level of UV protection has nothing to do with the darkness of the lens. Even if the lens can prevent ultraviolet rays, it is not appropriate to choose a color that is too dark. If the lens is too dark, it will seriously affect the visibility, and the eye will be damaged due to the difficulty of seeing things.

The color of the lens is best to be moderate darkness.

If the lens is too light, the function of blocking the glare will be weakened. If it is active in the sun, it will still feel irritating. If the lens is too dark, it will affect the object visibility and even interfere with the true color of the object. Generally, medium-depth color sunglasses can meet people’s daily needs.

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Face frame

The sunglasses are the focal point of the entire face, it is normally the first thing people pay attention to, just like a thick waistband that highlights the skirt. What kind of face type, what kind of sunglasses should I wear?
1. Elliptical face: with square, or smaller positive rectangular frame sunglasses. This face is the most pleasing, suitable for any kind of frame.
2. Round face type: With the larger lens of the lens, the rectangular frame is the best, and the contour is outlined.
3. Square face: with a round or oval frame, wide enough to be light enough.