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Thinking About Style Change? 5 Reasons To Try Clip In Hair Extensions

by Dangula Bingula

Hair extensions are constantly becoming more and more popular all the time. Why is this the case? What benefits are there to wearing them? Here are 5 reasons to use hair extensions when you want a change next time. Also, visit Jadore Hair Supplies for more information!

1. Length of Hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair refuses to grow past a certain point in length? It can be frustrating to have hair that does not want to get longer than a certain length, no matter how patient you are or what you try. If this is your kind of issue, hair extensions are the perfect solution for you. You can get that long hair you always wanted, as you will achieve the look in minutes.

2. Hair Color

Do you like to experiment with different colors of your hair, but you are always worried what it may look once it is done? Or are you perhaps worried about the damage to your hair? These are reasonable thoughts to have. With hair extensions however, this process becomes simple and easy, as you can play around with different colors.

Hair Color


Feel free to finally try that ombre trend, or add highlights or lowlights you have been thinking about. The best thing is you will not have to worry about long-term commitment, and damage to your hair. If you do not like the look, just take them out!

3. Hair Style

Hair extensions can instantly make your hair style more interesting and beautiful, with more length, volume, and color to your hair. Any simple ponytail, braid, or bun become more voluminous and intricate. You do not need the entire set either, as with only a few wefts you can add were missing.


They are re great as accessories in your hair, like a 3-clip weft with a braid headband, perfect for summer festivals. In addition, they are great to spice up the look for an important social event like a wedding, or a graduation, or any other special occasions. Your dream voluminous curls or long luscious locks can become a real thing for you!

4. No Hair Damage

As mentioned several times already, hair extensions do not cause absolutely no damage to your hair, unlike many other alternatives like tape-ins and bonding that prevent growth and cause damage. Since they work on a clip mechanism and nothing more, there is no way for them to damage your precious hair.


5. Easy to Use

When you do not have time for a long session of getting ready, like when you have just woken up and cannot put extra effort into your hair, clip hair extensions are a life saver. Basically, it takes no time to clip them in. Therefore, you will save time for other things you must do, and still look good and fresh!