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What Is The Difference Between SPC Timber Floor And SPC Vinyl Floor? And Why Does It Matter?

by Edvard Berlusconi

SPC vinyl floor is readily common nowadays with its affordable price while imitating the warmth and coziness brought by timber floor. But low-quality vinyl often fail to accurately replicate the sense of sanctuary and tranquillity but downscaling the presentation of any interior. What if you can have the affordability and durability of SPC vinyl while still having quality real timber on your floor?

Introducing SPC timber floor, a unique combination of SPC and timber veneer to offer the best of both worlds.

What is SPC?

SPC, or stone polymer composite, is a fundamental structure that can offer durability and water resistance to composite flooring. Often described as the rigid core, SPC forms the solid base for vinyl or timber veneer to lay onto for the substantial feeling of a firm timber floor.

SPC timber, or rigid core timber, flooring is a revolutionary solution that replaces the vinyl normally on SPC with real timber. Using a thin and light veneer, authentic timber sits on top of the rigid core layer that combines the structural integrity of SPC with the quality timber from solid planks.

Benefits of SPC timber

The innovative solution protects the timber with a coating that massively enhances the durability of the timber while showcasing the natural texture of timber without the typical plasticky reflection and yellowing of vinyl floor. The quality and sustainable timber within rigid core timber work majestically within the structure of SPC flooring to offer unrivaled durability. The extensive traffic rating for rigid core timber range meant some companies are willing to offer 10-year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty.

It would be unreasonable if SPC timber does not also own the characteristics of general SPC flooring. SPC flooring normally comes with a fast and secure clip locking system for easy installation without the need for glue. Great SPC flooring also has an acoustic cork layer pre-installed for sound reduction and installation on an uneven surface.

Because of the properties of SPC, the flooring does not expand or contract upon extreme temperature and can be used right after installation without the need for acclimatization. The flooring has proven durability against pet scratches and does not intoxicate pets. The warmth from SPC flooring is not just a visible presentation but physically felt when compared to ceramic tiles.

Eco-friendly creative

The reduced need for authentic timber meant rigid core timber flooring is more affordable than solid timber plank while offering wide color ranges including Australian Hardwood and European Oak. Unified dimensions from SPC flooring also allow customization to the floor including multi-color and multi-directional design.

With SPC timber, you can have real timber at your place for its unique texture and warmth while not feeling guilty to the trees. Sustainable sources of timber ensure the conservation of our mother nature when purchasing our products. Bring actual nature warmth to your home with rigid core timber flooring from trusted stores like Sunstar Flooring.