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6 Awesome Painting Ideas For Living Room

by Sinke Car

Painting can do something that will change the living room completely. You will see that everyone will wonder if you have renovated it, which now looks more spacious, new, with walls that make you enjoy every space of that room.

With details that you can enjoy, designing the combination of colors that you are going to place, maybe if you decide on white, then you think what other one you will put on your textiles, combine walls, borders and with the family choose those details that will make your living room, the new place to meet and share. More details can be found at malerkanonen.dk.


Awesome painting ideas for living room are as follows:

White or neutral tones and How to treat boring corners of your living room?

If you decide on neutral tones, it will be fashionable, you can choose any, preferably that is clear; to paint all the walls of the living room that has several spaces. If you decide and choose the white color, perfect, but then you use those textiles, works of art, carpet, details, that give your living room that fresh and cheerful style, which will help it with the white one to visually be wider.

Those corners that appear boring, that nobody looks, for being in areas that do not tell you anything, leave anonymity when you paint it of some striking, interesting color, that combines with the other one, with which you are going to paint the rest of the walls. The corners you paint more saturated color, the rest of the walls lighter. Combining the walls with the rest of the furniture, carpets, and curtains so that everything is a very pleasant set and the corners will be a focus of attention.

The wall painted as mosaic, very beautiful


Study that wall, divide it into geometric shapes that make it easy to paint them, when you already have the choice of the colors you will use, Try to make the colors attractive, based on neutral tones with others that contrast and after the wall is drawn, because there it is When the party starts, the family helps in that work to beautify the room and give that new touch to your house.

What do you think about the color wine?

A wall with the color wine, if you choose it for your house, paint it on a wall at the bottom of the room, it makes it look deeper, bigger, it is a tone that It can last, since the whole year will be one more fashionable.

Bare materials with three striking colors:

This solution is beautiful when using bare materials, such as concrete, it is a very fashionable industrial style that can give your room that trend in design, which you will enjoy perfectly for a long time. The three basic colors, yellow, blue and red; all three in the same room, with measure can be used, but you have to be aware, you can get a scare if you exaggerate in the amount you use it.

Living room with defined themes:


Figures with a theme that interests the family, is something that can be a unique solution for your living room, draw something you like and make it the focus of the attention of this space.

A colorful yellow, but not strident:


A yellow color that you combine with a neutral one, or with mustard, can be spectacular, take care that it is not a strident tone, and you will enjoy it in your room. With this, close this book of ideas to inspire you the walls of the new year, with the new colors.