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What Are The Steps For Refinishing The Wooden Floor?

by Sinke Car

If you want to refinish the floor, then that is not a difficult task any more. If you plan well then you can get that done in an easy and fast manner. There are some steps that can be used so that you can get the refinishing of the wooden floor done in easy as well as quick manners.

Get that done in the most systematic manner

Though the floor lasts for a lifetime, there are many reasons due to which it becomes dull and there is a need for refinishing. This is an easy process and you can get that done on your own. If you follow certain steps, then you can get that done in a quick manner with Gulvkanonen

Take out the Shoe Base Moulding


You need to remove the shoe base moulding and that is the first step to be done. While you remove that out you need to see if it protects the baseboard. You also need to label each of the piece as you take that out and make that easier to replace it when that comes to the floor refinishing. If there is no shoe base mould, then you make sure there are no damages that take place.

Fix Squeaks


If there are any squeaks, then you need to nail that to the floor joint. After this you need to find the nails and set them to fill the holes with wood.

 Make use of the sand

You need to also make use of the sand. This will help you a lot. If you put sand and then there will not be any damages and the finish will last for a very long time.

Clean and sweep


Cleaning is very important, and you need to sweep and clean the floor. You need to do the cleaning between the standings. This is going to help you a lot. You can make use of some mops for cleaning purpose.

Sand the corners and the edges


You need to put the sand on the edges and corners, and this will help a lot. If there are any of the small areas on the flooring where the edger cannot reach, then the scrapper can be used. This is the way you can make the finishing last for a longer time.

Remove the Dust


Then you need to remove all the dust and make the place clean and clear. You need to make use of the vacuum cleaner so that it will get cleaned completely. You need to also make use of a soft cloth to clean. If there is good cleanliness there will be good finishing. You need to make sure the place is always dust free so that there will not be any problems later.

Apply Stain


You can apply the interior wood stains to the flooring with a foam pad. In order to refinish hardwood floors, you need to make sure you work one area at one time. You need to also stain in the direction of the wood grain. There are many of the manufacturers that talk about removing extra stains as you go ahead. This will get done after a minute you apply the same. You can also make sue of clean cotton clothes or tissues to remove the extra.

Make application of the finish

After you use the stain you need to make sure you keep that for some time and then let the stains get dry. Then you need to apply the first coat of the wood finish. You can also make use of water-based wood finishes.