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What Challenges Do CEOs And IT Leaders Face?

by William Gist

Due to rapid and consistent changes in information technologies, the types of challenges CEOs and IT professionals are daily posted with are constantly changing. Since the requirements of this job position keep increasing and shifting, it is clear why this line of work has become one of the most stressed and complexed. In the following text, we are going to list a few biggest difficulties these people have to overcome.


The first problem is regarding companies’ data. Nowadays, businesses hear how important information is, and they tend to compete with their competitor, but they don’t actually understand the importance of it. They manage to gather a vast amount of data, but they keep it stored in their system because they don’t know what to do with it. The trouble is that they don’t know how to use that data to their advantage. These days, collecting data is fairly easy, but in order to grow the business, they have to be used in the right manner.

Furthermore, companies have to continually work on improving their existing services and creating new ones. This goes for all business regardless of the trade. A great CEO has to be able to think in advance. Since it seems that a new piece of technology is just behind the corner, leaders have to predict not only problems that can arise, but also think how they can implement new solutions to their existing business and how to adapt to all new changes.


By far, the biggest concern is the security of all the company’s data. Due to many breaches that have been happening in recent years, CEOs cannot compromise when it comes to security systems. They have to invest the necessary amount of money into this aspect of business and hire IT professional companies such as CIO Advise that will help them ensure that all data is safe but also easily accessible, which brings us to our next point. IT experts now have to come up with a system that is invulnerable but, at the same time, all data has to be available to the employees.

Moreover, CEOs have trouble finding skilled and experienced employees. In the last few years, there has been a shortage of professionals in the IT department which poses a problem for basically every business. It is of crucial importance to find qualified people that possess the required set of skills. That’s why CEOs use different strategies when employing new people, such as extended and detailed interviews and different kinds of testing. Also, since these people will have access to the company’s confidential data, leaders have to investigate their background, previous employment and to make sure that they are trustworthy.


The last thing we are going to include on this list is digital transformation and shifting the entire business from traditional to modern technology is a large and complicated task. CEOs and IT leaders have to evaluate every piece of technology, both old and new one, think about how to connect them and whether it is necessary to replace everything or are such things worth keeping as they are.

These are 5 challenges that CEOs and IT professionals are currently faced with. But, as mentioned above, technology keeps changing and advancing with each passing day, so we believe other challenges will arise in the near future.