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Wendy Williams Out Indefinitely After Contacting COVID-19

by Nebojša Vujinović

Wendy Williams will miss out some time on her show after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Her return to the show is once again delayed, as it would seem that coronavirus pandemic got to her. The TV personality broke the news on her Instagram account.

The news reached her fans on Wednesday after she posted about her breakthrough COVID-19 case on Instagram. Due to her medical condition, The Wendy Williams Show will be on hiatus for a while, as far as she goes. The TV host is 57 years old, and it is in her best interest to rest for a while as her condition stabilizes.

Her statement on Instagram was a detailed one, as she wanted to keep the fans involved. This is what was written on the social media platform: “While continuing her health evaluations, Wendy has tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19. To allow Wendy time to quarantine and fully recover and to ensure that our production abides by all SAG/AFTRA and DGA Covid protocols, we expect to begin the 13th season of The Wendy Williams Show on Monday, October 4th.”

Source: pagesix.com

Luckily for all of those who watch her show, the date of her return is set. This would mean that her condition is stable and that she only needs to take a two-week sabbatical. In the mid-time, her TV station is going to run repeats of episodes that were aired before. This means that you’ll be able to catch up on her work if you missed something in recent weeks.

The COVID-19 case is only the continuation of her recent health issues. She was absent from her duties for a while now due to what was listed as ongoing health issues that at the time required further evaluation and medical intervention. What this meant for her fans is that the new episodes of her daily show are going to be off the table.

A source close to Wendy Williams told Page Six the following: “People are tight-lipped about it, but there are whispers that she won’t be there.” Her case comes as a little surprise, considering that she was against getting vaccinated. At the moment there isn’t a better way of protecting yourself, and refusing or being reluctant to get vaccinated only puts in danger yourself and those close to you.

Back in March, during an interview with Dr. Oz, Williams addressed the matter of vaccination. This is what she said only a few months back: “No. I don’t trust it. “I’ve never gotten the flu shot either, though, and you and I have talked about that. Several of the doctors on my team have told me, ‘Wendy, get the flu shot.’ I’ve never had the flu. I’m not getting a flu shot. I very rarely get a cold. I never have headaches. I don’t take aspirin because I feel my heart murmur or something like that. I’m not getting it — no! I don’t trust it. There, I said it.”

While refusing to get vaccinated is ones right, it already had repercussions to her work. Not only that she’s now missing time due to the coronavirus case, but her fans also are not allowed to watch her show live. The case is that her studio only allows those who are fully vaccinated to attend the filming. This rule is in power since June 1st. In recent times it became public knowledge that Wendy in fact did receive the vaccine, despite talking against it publicly. So, we can hope that her symptoms are mild right now and that she’s coming back stronger than ever.