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From Kim Kardashian to Billie Eilish – The Best Of Met Gala 2024

by Nebojša Vujinović

The red carpet at the Met Gala, one of the biggest fashion events, was set up again in New York and some of the world’s most famous stars walked on it.

The gala evening was postponed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic but returned this year to raise funds for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The event brings together models, creators, Hollywood stars, singers, athletes and all the rest of the elite.

The history of the events in the Metropolitan Museum dates back to 1948, but it began to be organized in a modern form 47 years ago, before that the emphasis was on the exhibition in the “Costume Institute” of the museum

The theme of this year’s event is “In America: A Fashion Lexicon,” and the look is inspired by everything from the Matrix movie franchise to the Statue of Liberty.

Kim Kardashian

Met Gala is the equivalent of an Oscar in the fashion world. It is an evening when designers, models and Hollywood stars do their best in their over-the-top fashion combinations, to celebrate and raise money for the exhibition of the Institute for Artistic Costume of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. And this year it was everything.

source: ichef.bbci.co.uk

The biggest shock was caused by Kim Kardashian, who appeared in a completely black edition – from head to toe, so the question is how she walked and saw in this outfit in general. Although this is not the first time we have seen her in this kind of an outfit, it is a big surprise that she came to such an important event in this outfit. The design was conceived by Demna Gvasali, the creative director of the Balenciaga fashion house.

Irina Shayk

source: media.vogue.co.uk

Model and one of the most beautiful women in the world, Irina Shayk, took an unusual dress to the Met Gala Awards, which left everyone present breathless. A see-through beige dress with floral motifs that barely restrained her breasts and a long barge would be provocative enough in itself.

Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez appeared in a slightly different edition than usual, but she certainly managed to attract the attention of those present to herself, especially with her hat. Since the topic was about America, J.Lo decided to walk the red carpet like a cowgirl in a black dress with a big neckline.

Kendall Jenner

source: www.india.com

For this occasion, Kendall Jenner chose a long dress full of tiny crystals and zircons, from which she was clinging to her body, thus emphasizing all the curves. The dress was designed by Givenchy and inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s dress in My Fair Lady

Serena Williams

source: ichef.bbci.co.uk

Serena Williams, a tennis player who has 23 Grand Slam titles, was more colorful, wearing a body under a pink feather coat.

Maisie WilliamsMaisie Williams

source: ichef.bbci.co.uk

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams wore a dress inspired by the Matrix film she designed

Billie Eilish

source: eonline.com

Singer Billie Eilish, who was among the hosts of the event, found inspiration in the world’s first starlet Marilyn Monroe. She surprised many, but not with some strange creation, but with a reduced romantic look, like a princess from a fairy tale. She shone in a powder pink dress with cleavage and garnered numerous compliments.

Gigi Hadid

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Gigi Hadid wore Prada this year and was inspired by cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. She wore a white column gown with a thigh-high leg slit in the back.

Megan Fox

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Megan Fox, known for her fashion exhibitions, came to the Met Gala in a fiery red dress with transparent mesh details.