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You Will Be Shocked by The Real Age of Designer Vera Wang

by Elsa Stringer

Not all celebrities are obsessed with looking youthful all their lives. Beauty products like creams and serums are not for everyone, and many simply do not like the idea of a beauty sleep. On the other hand, some people are simply blessed with youthfulness that is hard to grasp by others no so lucky.

American fashion designer Vera Wang is one of such people. Famous for designing high-end designer pieces, she is quite successful at her job. She was born and raised in New York. Right after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, Vogue hired her and she spent 17 years with them.

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Then, she switched over to Ralph Lauren, but resigned soon thereafter and decided to become an independent designer. Considering her well-known life story, if we connect the pieces, one would assume she is older than 50 now.


However, you are in for a shock because Wang was actually born on June 27, 1949, making her 70. The soon-to-be 71-year-old designer does not look a day over 40. The fans could not believe this and have lost their collective mind on social media. In fact, it went so far that she officially confirmed it on Twitter, writing, “Fact Check: Truth.”

Since then, she shared one of her secrets, a golden mask she often wears. It is not known exactly what it does, but it is quite obvious it worked wonders for her!

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