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Jackie Stallone About Being Old

by Elsa Stringer

Jackie Stallone  was a dancer when she was younger. However, even at her young age, she started with having several plastic surgeries. However, in her 98th year, she looks much different. To be honest her face doesn’t look too good after all of those operations.


A huge part of the public compares her to famous designer Donatella Versace. She even admitted that she overdid it a few years ago. She stated has she is aware that she did too much of them.

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Moreover, she said that she is pleased that she took good care of her health. When she was 91, she frequently went to dancing classes and had a personal trainer. She said that she doesn’t care too much about Hollywood parties. She doesn’t fear to be old like her fellow actors and dancers.


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Even though she already had three heart attacks, she claims that she doesn’t fear death. She said that she doesn’t care about her strokes and that she prefers to die peacefully and with dignity. According to her, this is the best way to go.

Jackie Stallone About Being Old