Upset Brazilian Football Player: She Is Being Followed Everywhere She Goes!

by Elsa Stringer

Ludmila da Silva (25) was given a lot of attention ever since she agreed a transfer to Spanish club Atletico Madrid. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering her looks which leaves noone indifferent.

Ludmila da Silva

Thanks to her exceptional pace and good performances, the charming Brazilian plays for one of the world’s best football teams but also for her national team.

This all may seem wonderful, but her life in Spain isn’t a fairytale, it is far from it. Ludmila is regularly subjected to racial abuse everywhere she goes.

Ludmila da Silva

In September 2019, she shared a video of her experience in a local supermarket, where security attention was heighten towards her, because she seemed suspicious only because of her skin color.

Ludmila da Silva

This unpleasant situation is probably a regular occurrence for the most of dark-skinned people in Spain.
In her post she also expressed her dissatisfaction about the negative attention she gets.

Ludmila da Silva

This is the third season for Ludmila to play for Atletico Madrid, so far she scored 34 goals in 63 games. She was one of the best players to compete in the Champions League.


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Sem sombra de dúvidas, o sorriso é a curva mais bonita do nosso corpo. ☺️ Espalhe sorrisos❤️

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