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Mike Tyson Issues Savage Response to Covid-19 Toilet Paper Panic Buyers

by Sinisav

Mike Tyson isn’t satisfied with people who buy too much toilet paper, not thinking about others. Former heavyweight champion decided to make his opinion public.

Panic buyers should be afraid right now as Big Mike issued a warning for all of them. Across the States, people are pillaging the stores in search of toilet rolls. The biggest fear is not that one will get infected by coronavirus but that there will be no toilet paper to buy.

Mike Tyson

Source: express.co.uk

The youngest heavyweight champion in history is having none of it, as the US is facing a lock-down after becoming the first country with over 100,000 infected. During one podcast appearance, Mike Tyson had a conversation with Dana White of UFC. The mention of people who panic buy toilet paper infuriated Iron Mike.

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The fifty-three-years old former boxer stated: “Well, the last thing I’m thinking about in a situation like this is wiping my butt. I think it’s an interesting time for people to examine who they are and what they’re going through. I’ve never been in a situation like this before. Most people are scared to death.”

While Mike Tyson has a point, the people won’t stop stockpiling toilette paper, groceries, and other things they deem necessary. The pandemic hit the US hard, and at the moment, they are a country with most people infected with the coronavirus.

While billions of dollars are being poured into the stopping of this crisis, the situation on the field is not good. The hospitals in New York City don’t have enough beds for all patients, as more and more are being reported with contracting the virus.

All of us who are not infected yet would be advised to stay home and forget about small issues that toilet paper is, as we look for the normalization of this crisis.

Source: express.co.uk