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Michelle Pfeiffer Praises Medical Workers in Latest Photo

by Elsa Stringer

Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer, 61, is aware of how much doctors, nurses, and all other medical workers are risking while fighting on the front lines during the coronavirus pandemic.

She decided to post a picture in which she is wearing a supportive T-shirt with a picture of these people wearing medical masks and superhero costumes. She captioned the photo with a touching message.

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“So many need to be acknowledged for waging this war for us. Today I am wearing a t-shirt I made to honor the #NURSES & #DOCTORS on the front lines. Make a t-shirt and join us in honoring our heroes who are not able to shelter in place. I challenge @portiaderossi because she needs to take a break from cooking #covid_19 #NYC #weareallone. Instructions to make your shirt are on @daquan Instagram page. #blessthenursesanddoctors Thank you @rona_pfeiffer for nominating me!”

The star actress went makeup free and showed her 1.4 million Instagram followers her beautiful, natural looks. She is among many celebrities who actively support the coronavirus efforts and remind people to stay indoors and respect each other in these rough times.