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Trump Worries More About the Stock Market Than About Coronavirus

by Sinisav

VOX – 02/27/2020: Every brain works differently. For example, when you say coronavirus, Donald Trump’s brain starts thinking about the stock market. It seems Mr. Trump is more worried about the stock market than about coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, during the Wednesday press conference, he blamed the Democrats for both market fall and spreading of the named virus.

At this moment, the pandemic is very likely. But President Trump and his economic team try to downplay its danger. Instead, they just send contradictory messages to those we hear from health officials. You can smell that something’s wrong when an economist talks about a health issue instead of the economy.


Source: theweek.com

Donald Trump also tried to calm the public down by giving his personal, non-professional opinion. POTUS tries to keep his voters assured that the evil virus couldn’t get to them by saying that the risk for Americans is low and that he thinks pandemic can be avoided. Trump also carelessly said that vaccine is on the way. The head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, explained that ‘’on the way’’ means in one year time earliest.

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The only thing the President did and took credit for it is the travel ban for flights from China. In the long term, this will do nothing to stop a pandemic of this virus. There are already recorded cases on the US turf. The only effort that POTUS put into dealing with coronavirus is to downplay its danger.

The market fell, but the trend won’t continue if the situation changes. Those who have their money invested, or prepared for investments, will listen to the opinion of an expert rather than of a President trying to get reelected. Trump is not doing anyone a favor by avoiding reality. What he could do is start dealing with the issue on hand while it hasn’t exploded.

Source: vox.com