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Trump And Pence Believe Coronavirus Pandemic is Stabilizing!

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 04/06/2020: After downplaying the coronavirus for weeks, President Donald Trump changed his stance. But, he kept his optimism through it all. The US is currently fighting the coronavirus crisis, and POTUS and vice-President Mike Pence believe that the tides of COVID-19 pandemic are changing.

Both of them claim that situation is stabilizing and that in the coming weeks, it should turn for the better. During a White House presser, Pence told the reporters: “The experts will tell me not to jump to any conclusions, and I’m not, but like your president, I’m an optimistic person, and I’m hopeful.”


Source: theguardian.com

At the moment, America is the country with the most significant number of those infected in the world. The epicenter of the pandemic is in New York, where 50% of all of this infected is located.

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Trump agreed with pence by saying: “Maybe that’s a good sign…We hope we’re seeing a leveling off.” But, the situation is nonetheless severe. Andrew Cuomo, the New York Governor, stated that so far, his state has almost 600 deaths recorded on Sunday. His number is 36 less than the number they had on Saturday, and they are hopeful that the death toll peaked with that number.

Trump kept his positive demeanor regarding the situation in New York: “We’re seeing things that we don’t even report because we think it’s too early to report. I think we’re seeing things happen that are very good.”

According to the latest reports from the White House, despite Trump’s claims that the situation is stabilizing, the next two weeks could be the hardest to handle so far. The country is fighting to supply hospitals and medical workers with much-needed equipment as the biggest wave of those infected is yet to come.

Source: econotimes.com