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Karlie Kloss on Family Relationships Tainted by Trump Politics!

by Sinisav

Karlie Kloss doesn’t have the best relationship with her husband’s family. She’s not the only one, but it’s just that her family is rather famous. Karlie is married to Joshua Kushner, who is the brother of Jared Kushner. As you know Jared is married to Ivanka Trump and is son-in-law to the US President Donald Trump. He’s also a senior adviser in his administration.

Kloss married Joshua back in 2018, and ever since, netizens have been wondering how she gets along with her husband’s family considering her political orientation. During an interview with Diane von Fürstenberg’s, on her “InCharge with DVF,” podcast Kloss finally opened up.

Karlie Kloss

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American fashion model and entrepreneur said: “I really followed my heart on choosing to be with the person that I love, despite any complications that came with it. You know, I knew for me, it was worth it to fight for that.”

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It is not easy making decisions in any part of life, but when you are deciding with your heart, then it’s not as hard. Kloss agrees with us: “I think that in my career too, you know, being true to my heart or being true to myself, when I know that something is not aligned with who I am, and the message I want to send to the world, or the kind of person that I want to be maybe that comes back to character. But like, my heart often is telling me exactly what I need to hear. And I didn’t always listen to it.”

Karlie Kloss is a well-known liberal, and she doesn’t get along with the politics Donald Trump is promoting. Earlier this year, she stated that she would not vote for Trump despite having family connections to him.

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