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Trump Mocks Creepy Biden and Obama in Latest Promo Video!

by Sinisav

Donald Trump doesn’t sleep. While he has full hands of work with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, POTUS doesn’t forget about his priorities. The campaign for his reelection is still on the way, and Mr. Trump decided to take a dig at his Democrat rival Joe Biden, and the former US President Barack Obama.

Mr. President shared a clip on Twitter, which shows us a clip from Allstate TV commercial, ‘Not Another Commercial’ featuring Dennis Haysbert and John Marshall Jones. It’s just that Haysbert’s head was replaced with Barack Obama’s.


Source: twitter.com

In the video, when all the people present say, “oh no, not another commercial,” the video then switches to one of the most iconic Joe Biden clips. In this clip, the Democrat nominee sounds really creepy. It dates back to 2017 when Biden was giving a speech at Wilmington, Delaware, talking about his days as a lifeguard at a swimming pool.

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During the named clip, Biden utters the following lines: “And by the way, you know I sit on the stand, and it’d get hot. I got a lot of — I got hairy legs … that turn blonde in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down, so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again. So I learned about roaches, and I learned about kids jumping on my lap. I love kids jumping on my lap.”

When the promotional video of the commercial ends, the three characters turn and look at Dennis Haysbert, who responds with: “What?” But, in Trump’s Twitter video, Haysbert is Barack Obama, and when he says “what,” it suggests that he has no issue with the “creepy” Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee in the upcoming elections.

The video ends with Donald Trump’s slogan for the November elections Trump/Pence, and “Make America Great Again.” There’s no doubt that Trump’s supporters will be thrilled with this promotional clip.