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Trump Doesn’t Want 350 Million Americans Tested for Coronavirus!

by Sinisav

THE GUARDIAN – 03/26/2020: Donald Trump announced that the lock-down in which the US currently is would end around Easter. Medical experts warned the POTUS that this is premature, but Trump insists on his decision. Mr. President claims that his decision is not politically motivated, and attacks the members of the press in the process.

President Trump claims that the media wants to end his time in the White House and lower his chances of reelection. They aim to achieve this goal by keeping the US economy in shambles, according to POTUS.

Donald Trump

Source: vox.com

The US President is currently pushing his agenda to open America before Easter. This year Easter falls on April 12th, which is right around the corner. Medical experts claim that it takes more time for measures such as social distancing and closing of business to work.

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But POTUS is sure that all of this is media hoax, which has the aim to stop his reelection: “The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success. The real people want to get back to work ASAP. ”

After this tweet, the President continued with the same notions during his Wednesday presser: “The media would like to see me do poorly in the election. Just so you understand – are you ready? – I think there are certain people that would like it not to open so quickly. I think there are certain people that would like it to do financially poorly because they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls.”

Donald Trump also said that the tests for coronavirus will continue but that he has no intention of testing the entire nation of 350 million. POTUS also stated that no other country did what the US did so far in terms of tests, treatments, saying that no other country is even close to what America is doing right now regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

Source: theguardian.com