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Donald Trump Brags About US Military Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

by Sinisav

METRO – 03/26/2020: These days Donald Trump is preoccupied with coronavirus and the ongoing pandemic. But, he still finds ways for other political and military matters. During his latest address regarding COVID-19, he also found time to brag about missiles and rockets.

The reason for his address was his $2 trillion bill which needs to ensure that the US economy survives the current crisis. POTUS said: “We’re spending $27 billion dollars to build up the strategic national stockpile with critical supplies including masks, respirators, pharmaceuticals and everything you can imagine because it was very depleted, like our military was very depleted.”

Donald Trump

Source: businessinsider.com

The story quickly turned from the main issue, which is coronavirus to President’s self-praise: “Now we have a brand new military, never had a military like this. We have equipment either coming or its already come… planes, missiles, rockets, lots of things. The stockpile was very depleted like everything else. “

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At the moment, the military power is not essential, as the enemy before us can’t be defeated with guns. The US is quickly becoming the hot spot of coronavirus, as the number of those infected threatens to overcome the numbers in China and Italy. At the moment, America has almost thousands of deaths since the pandemic started. Furthermore, there are more than 65,000 infected.

The bill that Donald Trump suggested proposes that $100 billion will be given as a relief fund for the US doctor, while $45 billion will be used to fund a disaster relief fund. It also suggests that a $1,400 check will be distributed to all of those who have annual earnings below $95,000.

When the bill passes, these funds will be given to those in need within the next three weeks.

Source: metro.co.uk