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Trump Adds Fuel to the Fire in a Feud Between Sanders and Warren

by Sinisav

POLITICO – 01/13/2020: The hostilities between two leading Democrat party candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, are escalating. President Donald Trump jumped right in when he felt blood. POTUS tried to get them to fight, even more, calling Warren’s campaign dead. He also stated that she is angry with Bernie Sanders for trying to poach her voters.

President made these remarks after he felt that her campaign is dying off and that Bernie Sanders now wants to have her supporters over on his side. Another Democrat candidate that fell under Mr. President’s attacks is Michael Bloomberg. The 45tth US President commented that even those few supporters he managed to attain are leaving him fast. It seems that President Trump’s rise in popularity is followed by division in the Democrat block.


Source: news.yahoo.com

This type of behavior of Democrat candidates is exactly what suits Donald Trump. Their division is what enabled him to win the elections last time. The way things stand today, their actions could undo them in an attempt to overturn Trump.

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Up until now, Warren and Sanders didn’t throw shade at each other. Their campaigns are running for some time now, and in the past, both have refrained from personal attacks. The first signs that something is on the horizon were in Iowa, where Sanders’s volunteers were very trashing Warren.

But, fighting for the same liberal votes, seems to have brought the worse out of them both; actions that will only benefit Donald Trump and the Republicans in the future. The tensions will only continue as Warren is losing support, and Bernie Sanders is emerging as the second-best democrat candidate behind Joe Biden.

With Biden already being under attacks from Donald Trump for some time now, it seems that Democrats are not working good enough on creating an actual competition for Donald Trump.

Source: politico.com