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Donald Trump Was Cheered During Anthem at LSU-Clemson Game

by Sinisav

DAILY MAIL – 01/14/2020: Melania Trump had heads turning with her appearance at the College Football Playoff National Championship. She wore a navy metallic coat that stood her among the crowd. But, the main story of the night was Mr. President who was cheered while on the field. Unlike in the NFL, there were no players protesting during the anthem.

The reason for Donald and Melania to visit New Orleans was the football match between LSU Tigers and Clemson Tigers. This was the first football match Trump attended this year. He is known for his passion of the game. But, unfortunately, he was criticizing NFL players due to their protest during the national anthem. The last season was plagued by these protest, and President often tweeted about this.

Donald Trump

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Back to the First Lady. She was accompanied by her husband, Donald Trump, who wore a regular suit typical of him. This was also one of the reasons she looked so impressive and eye-catching. At the football match in New Orleans, unlike players who wore cleats, she sported a pair of high heeled boots. According to sources close to the First Lady entire outfit is priced at $1.550,00.

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The First Lady on the other hand pays more attention to her looks. Melania always seems to sport a chick look when attending non-ceremonial events. This time was no different. The blue belted coat she had yesterday is Marc Jacobs. It belongs to the last year’s fall collection of this brand. Just some time ago, it was available at a discount at the cost of $350, but it is no longer available. All pieces were sold.

This type of clothes fit Melania perfectly, as her figure was showing. Due to a bit colder weather, she kept the coat buttoned up to her neck, while her belt perfectly showed her waist. The coat was knee-long, and she had a pair of black boots reaching over her knees. The shoes are signed by Prada and are priced in the region of $1.200,00.

Prior to the game, both Donald Trump and Melania Trump went down to the field at Mercedes Benz Superdome. They stood there for the anthem, with members of the Army and Navy, together with players of both teams. As we said, unlike last year, there are no longer protest regarding the national anthem that was shacking the NFL. But, this was after all a College Football game. Who knows what would happen if Donald Trump decided to attend an NFL game. Who Knows, maybe we’ll have a chance to find out during Superbowl.

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