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Trouble in Paradise, Ivanka and Don Jr Dislike Each Other!

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 02/26/2020: It seems that Donald Trump’s children love a good feud. This runs in the family, probably because extended exposure to reality TV forced on them by their father. Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr seem to be conflicted at the moment. The reason is their father’s love.

In recent weeks POTUS started trusting Don Jr more and giving him more responsibility regarding his campaign. This did not sit well with Ivanka. The first daughter, Donald’s favorite, feels threatened by this new development. One of them needs to be a successor to Donald Trump, and it seems that the war for the first in line started.

Don Jr

Source: businessinsider.com

Up to this moment, it was believed that Donald Trump is grooming Ivanka for his successor. Both in financial ventures and politics alike. This is at least what Journalist McKay Coppins thinks. She wrote: “He’d been grooming her for years to take over the family empire. She was the golden child — beautiful, telegenic, and in possession of that most important family trait: a compulsive image-consciousness.”

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Years ago, during Donald Trump’s campaign for Presidency, there was a story which claimed that after years of being a disappointment to Donald Sr, Don Jr is finally on his good side, while Ivanka is the one who frustrates him. The title of the story was: “Trump Kids on the Campaign Trail: Don Jr. Wows, Ivanka Disappoints.”

The same source claims that Ivanka was furious over this news. She also believed that it was Donald Trump Jr, who had the article published. Ivanka asked for her brother to stop stretching her through the media.

While there’s no media war between the siblings, the change in Donald Trump’s feelings is evident. In recent weeks Donald Trump Jr is the prominent figure during Trump’s rallies. At one of them, the crowd even started chanting ‘’46’’ while Don Jr was getting on stage. At this moment, it looks evident who is Donald Trump’s successor.

Source: econotimes.com