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Troian Bellisario And Patrick J. Adams Welcome Their Second Child In A Car!

by Mary McFarren

Troian Bellisario and her husband Patrick J. Adams welcomed their second daughter in secret on May 15th. The “Pretty Little Liars” actress surprised her followers on Instagram when she posted a black and white photo of her holding the newborn.

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“Ms. Elliot Rowena Adams joined us on May 15th under the wildest of circumstances. A whole new ERA for this family. Welcome, my love”, Troian captioned the heartwarming pic. The proud dad, “Suits” star posted on his page a photo of him holding the little finger of his daughter: “Welcome to the funhouse, Ms. Elliot Rowena Adams. May your life be as unique and exciting as your arrival”.

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This is a second child for the famous couple who welcomed their first daughter Aurora two years ago. However, this time they have a remarkable story behind the birth of little Ms. Elliot that Bellisario shared on Katie Lowes’s’ podcast “Katie’s Crib”. The first pregnancy was very typical for the new mom with the delivery lasting more than 24 hours. So, the second time around when Troian started feeling sporadical contractions, the couple was not hurrying down to the hospital.

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Unexpectedly, the pain became more frequent and the two headed to the ER, still without any fuss. During the trip, Bellisario recalled, the contractions became unbearable, and soon she loosened her seatbelt realizing that she can no longer stay in the seating position. Once they pulled into the parking lot, things escalated quickly.
“As soon as I hit the button and get the ticket, she’s screaming. I whip around, and by the time I turn my head around, Troian is fully on her hands and knees and we’ve gone nuclear”, Adams said. The actor parked at the entrance of the ER where he pleaded with the security guard to go and get doctors and nurses. However, the guard didn’t think that the situation is that dire and nonchalantly went inside to try and find someone.

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In the meantime, Bellisario was in full-blown childbirth mode. Kneeling in the backseat of the car and wailing in pain.
“I scream, ‘Get my pants off! Pull my pants down!'” Bellisario recalled. “So she is still on all fours, butt facing the windshield. Her butt’s at my head level, so I just go and pull down her pants and the baby’s head is right there”, the actor said. From then on, everything happened in just a few minutes.
Adams had no choice but to deliver the baby by himself. His natural, human instinct kicked in and he was just trying to do the best his common sense told him to. He checked the baby’s neck for the umbilical cord realizing that it’s free and clear. In one more push, baby Elliot came out.
“As soon as I turn her upside down, she starts crying and screaming”, Adams recalled, which means that the newborn is alive and healthy. “I just look over my shoulder, because I’m still on all fours… and I see Patrick holding her upside down, and she’s wailing, so I was like, ‘She’s alive, she’s OK. She’s breathing”, the actress remembered.
The incredible story had a happy ending and made some unforgettable memories for the family. Bellisario shared the atmosphere of the hospital parking lot where their daughter took her first breath.

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“That’s it. Right there was where our daughter was born. We feel so honored to share the story of what was by far the craziest 15 minutes of my life with our dear friend @ktqlowes on her podcast @katiescrib go give it a listen if you’re not of the faint of heart. All that matters is that she is here and healthy, I somehow survived and @halfadams is not a fainter”, Troian captured the exceptional event.