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Tips for Upgrading Your LinkedIn Profile in 2024

by Edvard Berlusconi

LinkedIn is a type of social media platform designed for professionals. Simply put, LinkedIn is the Facebook for your career. As LinkedIn is increasingly becoming more and more popular, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you upgrade your profile in 2024.

So without further ado, let’s start with the first one which is…

1.    Profile Picture and Background

The first thing that people visiting your profile will see is your profile picture and selected background. Experts suggest that the best profile picture should be no more than 400×400 and it should be a headshot. Another thing to keep in mind is to always have your profile picture visible to everyone.

Backgrounds, on the other hand, should be at a higher resolution and the optimal one is 1584×396 pixels. For the perfect background, make sure to add something that portraits something good and meaningful about you.

2.    Headlines and Summary’s

LinkedIn allows users to write headlines that can be described under 120 characters. Your headline should have relevant information and keywords of your industry while maintaining its cool and professionalism. Write stuff that people will instantly notice, such as occupation, age, hobbies, etc.

The summary section is yet another useful feature that allows you to post documents, videos, images, links, and any other relevant piece to showcase your best and most recent work.

A recent trend that has taken users on LinkedIn by storm is something called “future goals” and “ambitions”. By its very own definition, these can be self-explanatory, however, people have found out that focusing on the future, rather than the past, to be more beneficial for them.

3.    Add Relevant Workplace Information

According to Wordpressradar, it’s generally considered not helpful if you add all your previous jobs. People are not interested if you’ve worked a summer job at the supermarket while you were 19. LinkedIn is a place where professionals can connect and even offer you a job. That’s why you need to add only relevant information to your current gig. Instead of adding pointless information, try to focus on the workplaces and experiences that portrait your profession in a good light.

Make sure to update your profile as you change positions such as promotions, awards, articles published for innovative or interesting projects, etc.

Img source: joeburridge.com

4.    Add Relevant Skills

This one focuses on the same things as the previous one. Namely, you should always add the notable skills or abilities you have that are relevant to your current position. Instead of overwhelming your LinkedIn profile with a wide array of unendorsed skills, list fewer ones that you can get endorsed on and that are relevant to your position as stated by LinkedProspect.com. Same as before, update the profile for any recent changes that included learning new skills.

5.    Edit the URL

The URL is that thing on the upper part of your browser where you type www.linkedin.com. Each profile has its own unique URL tag, and they can oftentimes be generic and poor looking. So that’s why LinkedIn allows users to edit their own URL by clicking on the “Edit public profile and URL” located in the upper-right corner of your screen.