Home Travel Tips for Traveling to Cambodia and Vietnam

People who love and know their geography know that Vietnam and Cambodia are neighboring countries. So, the easy conclusion is that it is pretty easy to travel both of these countries at the same time. Both of these two countries have a somewhat troubled past, but that doesn’t prevent them from being heaven on earth in the present. Naturally, you should know a few things before you decide to visit them. We are going to shine a light on how to be prepared for the trip of your life to these two south-eastern Asian countries.

Coming Up with a Plan

As you probably guessed, before you start your dream trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, you should have a pretty good and clear plan. Probably the first thing that you should do is booking the continental tour, which will help you feel the grasp on Indochina region perfectly. You will get pretty clear instructions from your travel agency. If you would like to read more about this, check this website out. Besides this, you should check the weather forecast for the region before you sit in the plane.

When in Vietnam, you should visit places like Halong Bay, Hanoi, the capital of the country, Hoian, Ho Chi Min, Mekong delta, Tonle Sap Lake, etc. Naturally, we are recommending that you visit all these places before moving to Cambodia. In Cambodia, you should visit places like Kep, Sihanoukville, Banlung, Battambang, Siem Reap, Phnom-Penh, Kampot, and most definitely, one of the wonders of the old world, Angkor.



Finding the perfect accommodation in Vietnam and Cambodia is not an easy task. Both of these countries have a plethora of accommodations like a home-stay, camping, hotels, resorts, etc. More exactly, this depends on the region you want to visit. You can choose between destinations like islands, cities, mountains or just simple beaches. Naturally, the hotel is the most popular type of accommodation you can choose. The prices are not so high, you can find a perfectly good hotel for just $5 per night.

All the Necessary Items

Naturally, before embarking on this type of journey, you should prepare yourself pretty well. You are going on a trip to regions that are most likely totally different from what you are used to. We are not going to talk about how bringing enough money is because we feel that our readers are pretty familiar with how big this problem could be. Of course, you need to submit your application, together with your passport with two standard photos of you. You should keep the safety vise in case of theft.



Usually, foreigners don’t have enough time to travel, so you should use a train or plane for transport. You should book the tickets as soon as possible to save up some money. When it comes to transportation within a city, you should use Uber, through the application on your smartphone. Also, you can use both Taxi and buses. Buses are pretty cheap, so do not hesitate to enter them and pay the ticket to the destination that you desire.