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Tiffany Trump Needed Ivanka’s Help to Get Money From Donald

by Sinisav

ECONO TIMES – 02/12/2020: The relationship between Donald Trump’s daughters is not ideal. Ivanka Trump and Tiffany often find themselves on different pages. In the past, Tiffany, who is a daughter from Trump’s second marriage with Marla Maples, was looking up to Ivanka. But, despite this, the two never managed to build a relationship.

One of the reasons why the things are as they are is that Ivanka revealed her opinion on Tiffany in her book called “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life.” According to the first daughter, Tiffany once approached her with a question. Tiffany wanted to know how to get to her father so that she could ask him money.

Tiffany Trump

Source: www.econotimes.com

Ivanka spoke with her sister and directed her on how she could ask Donald for the money that she needed. She didn’t ask for much, stated Ivanka, as Tiffany is a modest girl. Jared Kushner’s wife added that Tiffany always tried her best to fit in with her family and friends.

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Donald Trump also spoke on the subject of the relationship between his children. While guesting on The Howard Stern Show, Trump famously said that his children get sad when they hear that he will have another child. The reason, according to him, is that they quickly realize that they will receive 20% less of their inheritance.

POTUS was also asked if there were ever conflicts between the children from his marriages. Trump responded with a yes. Considering that this interview was before Barron was born, he obviously talked about Ivanka, Don Jr, Eric, and Tiffany.

There’s an apparent difference between children from Trump’s first marriage and those that came later. Don Jr, Ivanka, and Eric participate in his political career or run his private business. Barron is too young to have a saying, but Tiffany is nowhere to bee seen. This is why she’s called ‘The Forgotten Trump.’

Source: www.econotimes.com