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10 Things Only Coffee Drinkers Would Understand

by William Gist

For most people, coffee is an essential part of their everyday lives – and generally speaking, it is not only about the energy it gives us. It is about the routine, the experience of roasting, trying different blends, as well as the final taste and smell of the cup we have prepared.

Not having coffee can be a nightmare for all caffeine lovers, and whether or not you love your daily dose of this hot beverage, there are some things that only true fans could comprehend. And, if this is something you want to learn about, this article could help you. Let’s take a closer look at these 10 things only true coffee drinkers could understand that we picked in collaboration with this site:

They Do Not Buy Pre-Grounded Packages

Individuals that are true coffee lovers never, I repeat, never buy it pre-grounded. Now, you might be wondering – why, isn’t it easier? Well, yes, it is, however, you should not purchase it because of 4 reasons, oxygen, contamination, carbon dioxide depletion, as well as moisture.

This means that the longer the grounded beans sat in the package, the flavor will be more dull and uncomfortable. Luckily, there are various online tutorials that you can read more about, which will explain how you can grind the beans you purchase, as well as create different blends.

The Best 10 Minutes in The Morning

Did you know that it is not only about the blend in the cup, but, it is also about the smell of the fresh batch in the morning? Yup, the smell of java can actually trigger good emotions and feelings, as well as the state of being awake. This can help us with staying focused throughout the day, and of course, being energized.

They Avoid Purchasing At Coffee Shops


We do not have anything against large corporations such as Starbucks and their lattes, however, isn’t it weird when someone says that they really need coffee just to order a large cappuccino that does not contain a lot of caffeine? Yes, it is tasty and creamy, but it is not actually it – it’s basically a milkshake with loads of milk and some caffeine.

Decaf is Not an Option


Although decaf is an option for some people who cannot consume caffeine, you should know that it still comes with a small amount of it. But, this is not the reason why you should avoid such beverages. You should know that there are toxic solvents that are utilized for getting rid of the caffeine, which is why it is not healthy for anyone. Hence, the next time you want to order a decaf beverage, know that you are hurting your body.

They Understand The Concept Behind a Perfect Cup of Espresso



This is something that is determined by personal tastes and preferences, however, we all understand the happy feeling when we make the perfect cup of espresso. Whether you drink it as a shot or add a bit of milk and sugar to it, there are various characteristics that can make it perfect for them, which is why they always strive to make it as best as they can.

Espresso + Cream = Happiness

We all know that espresso is all about cream. That golden, creamy, tasty liquid that comes out when you turn on the espresso machine. Besides being delicious, it is also a good way to determine if the beans are fresh or not. The thickness of it will also allow you to create art on the cream, hence, you can surprise someone with it.

They Do Not Understand The Concept Behind “Too Much”

If you like consuming this beverage, you probably know that there isn’t such a thing as too much coffee or a cup that is too strong or drinking too many cups during one day. It comes naturally and although it might not provide the same ‘buzz’ every time you consume it, it will definitely serve as a way to relax during the day.

Sugar And Milk Are Only Options


Of course, if you want to make a latte or cappuccino, you’ll definitely need to add milk and a touch of sugar to boost the flavors. However, these things are only optional for us. True coffee enthusiasts love to consume their beverage black, especially since this can allow them to truly taste the flavors and aromas of different combinations and blends.

They Never Say “No” to a Cup of Coffee, Even if It’s Bad

I cannot start my day without coffee and it is quite amazing that I can never say ‘no’ when someone offers a cup of coffee. Even if it is late, I almost always grab the beverage I have been offered. Most people question the quality of the blend when they are not at home, however, that does not seem to bother a lot of us – we will drink it even if it is not as good as the ones we prepare at home.

They Tend to Spend Too Much Time at The Coffee Aisle

The most crucial thing for us is to choose the best brand, blend, and roast that we can find at grocery stores. Then there is also a question of whether we should opt for the Italian or French mixture or, perhaps, the light roast meant for drinking while eating breakfast. All of these decisions might mean that we spend a lot of time in the bean aisle, however, it is also what allows us to create that perfect blend in the morning.



As you were able to read, there is actually a wide range of things that only true coffee fans understand and actually do. And, whether you decided to read this article to determine if you are a real fan or to understand your partner that cannot live without the espresso machine, the things mentioned above might actually help you understand the concept of that perfect batch in the morning.

So, now that you are aware of the things you might not comprehend before, you should not lose any more time. Instead, do some digging online, find out what the perfect blends, roasts, and combinations are, purchase the materials you might need, and start making coffee that will help you understand everything better.