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These Trucks Are Better Than Toyota Tundra

by Elsa Stringer

Make no mistake about it – Toyota Tundra is a great truck. It has a whole lot of space for you to fit in whoever you want in it. It’s good for the family, as well as your pals. The size is quite impressive, as well as the performance of this vehicle.

Even still, we would be lying to you if we were to tell you that there are no better options on the market than Toyota Tundra. Not everybody is in the mood for this kind of truck. Since there are so many options that you can go with, today we are going to narrow down the trucks that you need to take a look at before Tundra.

1. Ford Raptor


First of all, the look of this bad boy is something to behold. It just has that „badass“ look that you always want from your truck. The tires are great, made for all terrains, it is pretty large with a lot of space. You really can not go wrong with this vehicle produced by Ford.

2. Nissan Titan


This one is not quite aggressive as Ford Raptor but is a nice option as well if you don’t fancy yourself a Tundra. 2017-2018 models can be found in three configurations, a crew bac with a five-foot-seven inch bed, an extended cab with a six-foot-inch bed and a single-cab with an eight-foot bed.

3. Chevrolet Colorado


Another great truck for you to pick up. The design on this bad-boy is quite nice. The one in the dark green color just looks sick. You are also going to have a hard time finding a truck that is going to get you better performance than this one. A standard 3.6L V6 or 2.8L turbocharged four-cylinder diesel, the choice is all yours.

4. Ford F-150


If Ford Raptor is a little bit too aggressive-looking for you, there is always another choice – Ford F-150. It offers a nice range of bed lengths and cab styles. But if you are looking for favorable gas mileage, as well as the most pulling power, there is no doubt that you need to take a look at F-150’s 3.5L EcoBoost.

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5. Nissan Frontier


This vehicle by Nissan is also a nice option instead of the Tundra. Why? Because it is great for your everyday duties as it drives nicely and is really comfortable. There are two body styles of this car, so you just need to pick whatever suits you the best. With Titan, you have more options, but we would say that Frontier edges out the Titan, at least in our book.

6. Dodge Ram 2500


We are going to end off this list with something a little bit more edgier and rugged. Dodge Ram 2500 is just that. The model for 2019 has a high-strength steel frame. Even with that, it is known for its enhanced durability and weight reduction. People that designed this truck used lighter materials when they built the frame of Dodge Ram 2500. The Aluminum hood also looks quite nice.