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2020 Ford F-150 – New Ford F-Series Truck is coming

by Jeon

The light duty pickup section is a major revenue earner for truck manufacturers. However, clients, government agencies and businesses require vehicles with towing capabilities, seating and more payload than a light duty can offer. Meet anyone on the street and spontaneously ask them what their favorite pickup truck is, the majority will reply “Ford F-150”. This is because it is both iconic and legendary in many regards, particularly in the power that is hidden under the hood and the athletic styling that comes with it.

Watch out, the new 2024 Ford F-150 will be a complete game changer. So what is new? The changes are in three areas, The Exterior (particularly the grille), Drive Train and Cab configuration. It has new looks: a modern grille, fascia, new interior materials, headlamps, trim inserts, and color. There are extra features like modern driver assist technologies and a new powertrain option.


Img source: motor1.com

Light-duty trucks need to balance between everyday drivability and capability. But heavy-duty trucks are all about monster strength. To this end, the heavy duty will be available with three engines to give its considerable hauling capability. The power stroke 6.7-liter turbo diesel V-8 has been thoroughly refreshed but still retains its basic architecture. Its power, payload, and torque are ahead of its peers.

Expect the numbers to get better from the current 450 hp, 935 lb-ft, 7640 pounds of payload and 35000 pounds of towing. The current target which was launched in January, raised the bar to 1,000 lb-ft, 7680 pounds of payload and 35100 pounds of towing. All three engines are paired with a modern 10-speed TorqShift transmission which has been subjected to 7 million miles of durability test. The modern, 7.3-liter V-8 gas engine is designed to give the torque, power, and capability that you require for heavy duty commercial work. Plus, it is available in all trim levels down to F-250.


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Ford has taken this chance to upgrade the Super duty to the greatest and latest level of advanced driver assistance and connectivity technologies. Wi-Fi connection for 10 devices is provided by a distinctive Ford Pass connectivity technology with a 4G LTE modem. Fleet managers are provided with a telematics suite and data services to check the behavior of drivers, cut down costs and optimize fleet utilization. The wireless charger for mobile devices is available plus USB type C and type A jacks that will keep everybody’s technology up and running while working.


To minimize downtime due to accidents the following features are available: automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot data with trailer coverage, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping alert. Another vital feature is the Trailer Backup assistant that enables a driver to steer a reversing trailer using a knob.

Upgraded interior and exterior design

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New grilles are available on all dual rear wheel models. The grilles have been enlarged to enhance cooling. To improve night vision, there are LED headlights. High line models come with signature daytime running lamps, three modern taillights designs, and wheel styles. Upgrading of interior trim parts has been done, with the biggest impact being on light models so as to reduce the gap opened by the modern Ram interiors.

Client’s hybrid needs

Researches from Ford have found out that there is a very urgent need for generators. Many owners of current F-150 models are forced to purchase their own generators and put them at the back of the truck. To court the client’s portable power needs, the new Ford F-150 will feature a modern gasoline-electric motor that can be used as a mobile generator.

Talk of ingenuity! Therefore as a replacement for fuel economy, it will be moved towards utility for those who need it. Electric power will provide energy for all your camping gear, tools and much more.


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The new Ford F-150 is an innovative truck that has been designed to provide you with all your auto requirements and much more. This truck has all the benefits of electric motors: instant enormous quantities of torque, highly reliable, zero local emissions and low servicing cost.

It has all the high-tech features that you are accustomed to in the current F-150 models. You will definitely find convenience, more features and save money on this truck!