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These Celebrities Admitted to Having Plastic Surgeries

by Elsa Stringer

USMAGAZINE 02/06/2020 – The public and media often believe that celebrities who undergo plastic surgeries and corrections shy away from talking about, or even admitting it. However, there have been many famous people from different genres of entertainment who openly talk about their changes and what they have had done to their bodies.


Hollywood actors, TV personalities, and reality stars alike who do not feel shame about it revealed to the fans and critics what exactly then did and why. From nip/tucks and fillers to breast implants and liposuction, following is the list of celebrities who admitted to their plastic surgeries and treatments.

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1. Angelina Pivarnick


Reality star has spilled the beans on her Instagram page this month, saying she had a breast enlargement surgery. She talked about her satisfaction with the same plastic surgeon that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi used in 2016. Pivarnick said that her new body features are her favorite body part now.

2. Jessica Simpson


In January of 2024, fashion designer said that she had two separate tummy tucks back in 2015. “I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin left sagging from my back-to-back pregnancies. I was so ashamed of my body at this point that I wouldn’t let Eric see me without a white T-shirt on.”

After the second one however, there were some complications and she had to spend nine days at the hospital. “I got an infection, colitis, and was vomiting so much I thought I was going to bust my sutures. Doctors talked seriously about me needing a blood transfusion.” This proves there can be some serious side effects here.

3. Dina Manzo


The star of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has had a nose job, which se admitted after fans noticed she looks different in December of last year. She wrote the following back then:

“When the thing on the center of your face changes you’re gonna look different lol. Two years ago, I got my nose fixed. I hate fillers plus they’re so damn expensive… @drghavami likes to say ‘keep em guessing’ so I’ll leave it at that. I had a really hard time adjusting to my new nose especially the first year. Although my Dr is amazing at what he does, it did change my overall look. I had a prominent Italian rounded nose and now I had this perfectly proportioned petite nose. It’s a big adjustment especially when you live with the same face for 45 yrs.”

She also said that she loves to use Botox, but also that she is “really proud of how I take care of myself. I eat right, work out and work on my mind & spirit just as much if not more. That helps you stay youthful & glowy the MOST.”

4. Teresa Giudice


Another alum of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Teresa Giudice had a second breast augmentation procedure last month. “I believe it’s important to always stand strong and feel like your best most confident self.” She added that she “was very nervous to re-do my breasts” but that she “could not be happier with the results.”

5. Sharon Osbourne


At the premier of the 10th season of “The Talk” in September of 2019, the TV host said she underwent a facelift in August of that year.

“It was five weeks today that I had my operation. I had my neck done, my jowls … He kind of pulled it from the top of my head and put an elastic band in it. But everything was just lifted up. So it looks more refreshed.”

She added that there was some discomfort, but that everything was worth it in the end: “You can’t complain [about pain] when you wanted to do it!”

She was never shy about her procedures and had talked about them many times before.

6. Cardi B


The famous award winning rapper is open about many things, often too open. After giving birth to Kulture in 2018, she wanted a breast lift and liposuction combo. She defended her choice by saying the following:

“Listen, I do whatever I want to do with my body. Let me tell you something. I don’t have the time of day like you do. Like, my job as an entertainer is a 24-hour job, bro. So no, I don’t have time to work out and I wanted specific things that I know that no matter how much I work out ― is not get fixed… Like my boobs, no matter how much I work out, they were not gonna lift themselves. So yeah, I had to get surgery.”

However, after she was forced to cancel a number of shows because of health complications, the rapper who once admitted to once having illegal booty injections finally realized the possible consequences:
“I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause I ain’t getting surgery again. But let me tell you I haven’t got a headache ever since.”

7. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro


One of the stars of “Jersey Shore” told the press he had undergone liposuction in order to make his legendary six-pack more visible and perfect. He did this right a year after his daughter Ariana was born.

“I’ve always been a workout fanatic, and I’ve always been in shape, but it also takes a lot of hard work to stay in shape. A year ago to the day, my life completely changed. I had a little baby girl. She’s like my guardian angel, and now I can’t spend two to three hours every day in the gym like I used to.”

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi, his surgeon, said that the procedure Ronnie chose was a “laser high-definition liposuction of the abdomen.” He added, “We’re going to be able to get that area in between each of his abs completely defined so that he actually has a six-pack for many, many years to come.”

8. Courtney Cox


The star of “Friends” has had many fillers and procedures over the years. “You have no idea because it’s gradual, until you [realize] ‘This doesn’t look right.’ And it’s worse in pictures than in real life,” said the famous actress about her surgeries.
Back in 2017, she revealed to the press that some of her fillers dissolved. She added, I’m as natural as I can be. I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was. I hope I do.”

9. Vicki Gunvalson


The star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” has had her fair share of procedures including rhinoplasty, chin implants, and Botox. In 2018, she revealed that her facelift and eyelid blepharoplasty were her last procedures.

“Put a fork in it, I’m done! I had a lot of fillers in my face and I didn’t feel like it was me anymore. I had too many doctors, too many different times say, ‘Let’s do this, let’s do that, let’s fill here, let’s do Voluma, let’s do Sculptra,’ and by the time I was done I looked in the mirror and was like ‘I don’t even look like myself.’”

10. Kylie Jenner


It is no secret that all members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have had many surgeries and procedures among them. However, most of them are shy about it and would never admit it. In 2016, Kylie Jenner finally admitted to having at least something done, when in an interview with her sisters she said this:

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“Well, I definitely made my lips a little too big at one point. I got excited and felt like I needed to do a lot. And then you guys were like, ‘Kylie, you need to chill.’ And then I had to go back and have it fixed, and it was a crazy process. Thank God I didn’t end up on Botched.”

11. Iggy Azalea


The famous singer and rapper has been absent from the wider public and from the music industry scene for several years. Back in 2015, she shared some info about her breast enlargement surgery, as well as a nose job.

“I’m not denying it. Denying it is lame. I don’t think you should be ashamed if you made a change to yourself, which is why I’ve spoken about the changes I’ve made, like with my breasts.”

She also said that choosing to do the surgery is a hard road to take. “Plastic surgery is an emotional journey. It’s no easy feat to live with your flaws and accept yourself — and it’s no easy feat to change yourself. Either way you look at it, it’s a tough journey. There are things that I didn’t like about myself that I changed through surgery. There are other things I dislike but I’ve learned to accept.”

12. Ariel Winter


The young actress and star of “Modern Family” had to undergo a breast reduction surgery at 17, which helped her with immense back pains she was experiencing. It also boosted her confidence.

“On [red carpets], I just said to myself, ‘You have to do your best to look confident and stand up tall, and make yourself look as good as you can in these photos,’ because everyone is going to see them. I definitely seemed confident; I’m an actress, that’s what we do. But on the inside, I wasn’t feeling so happy.”

13. Jane Seymour


The actress is on a strict exercise and diet and does not prefer the services of plastic surgeons to keep her youthful looks. However, she once said she tried Botox:

“I tried Botox once and hated it. It was just the worst thing ever.”

She said she is not against every enhancement, and admitted to having a breast enlargement surgery in order to replace “what the kids ate.” That is certainly a fun way to put it.

14. Julie Chan


The famous journalist said in 2013 that she had a surgery in order to make her Asian eyes bigger. This came after she suffered some racist feedback from her boss at the age of 25.

“I was working as a local news reporter in Dayton, Ohio. I asked my news director over the holidays, ‘If anchors want to take vacations, could I fill in?’ to which he said, ‘You will never be on this anchor desk, because you’re Chinese.”

She then continued, “He said, ‘Let’s face it, Julie, how relatable are you to our community? How big of an Asian community do we have in Dayton?’ On top of that, because of your heritage, because of your Asian eyes, sometimes I’ve noticed when you’re on camera and you’re interviewing someone, you look disinterested, you look bored.'”

She had also insensitive feedback like that when she was looking for an agent. Therefore, she decided to have an eye procedure. The ambitious star has no regrets today, as it helped her with her career.

“No one’s more proud of being Chinese than I am. Every decision I’ve made … it got [me] to where we are today, and I’m not going to look back.”

15. Kelly Roland


The former member of Destiny’s Child and solo pop and R&B singer has had breast enlargement surgery. She wanted it very much and was not shy about spilling some beans:

“I wanted to get breast implants when I was 18, but my mom and Beyoncé’s mom told me to really think about it first. I took their advice and waited 10 years. Once I felt ready, I tried on padded bras and walked around in them to see how it would feel. You have to know what you’re getting, no matter what type of surgery it is.”

16. Ashlee Simpson


She has never officially confirmed that she had a nose job done, but it is widely believed that she underwent such a surgery back in 2006. She basically confirmed it in an interview, when she said, “As long as people have two eyes, you probably know the answer.”

17. Heidi Montag


The reality TV star of “Hills” has had 10 procedures in a day, back in 2009. These included breast implants, a brow lift, a nose job, a liposuction on her thighs and stomach, and a booty job. She shared the photos in 2010, and in 2013, she already regretted it when she experienced many health problems. She even had surgeries to reverse the things she did.

“I just didn’t realize what I was really signing up for. It just sounds so minor when you have a surgeon describing so much of it to you, like, ‘OK, great, a little of this, a little of that.’ You’re not told the recovery time and the mental strain that it will put on you, and the long term.”