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The Types of Flowers All Women Love

by William Gist

No woman can resist the smell of flowers and whenever they see a good looking flower, the urge to touch or smell it becomes an irresistible feeling. Since the dawn of time, women have been decorating our homes with all kinds of flowers of all kinds of colors. It is because flowers tend to brighten the mood, and have even been found to have positive effects on our mind.

In this article, we are going to tell you the types of flowers all women love and cannot resist.

1.    Orchids


Considered as some of the most mysterious flowers out there, orchids are quite exotic and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Orchids can be small or huge, yellow, pink, violet, and blue. Orchids are quite expensive and quite rare and are given to women as a sign of respect and value in a relationship. Orchids are flowers that express emotions such as pride and elegance.

2.    Roses


Roses are one of the most favored flowers by women, so we had to rank them quite high on our list. If you’re living under a rock, then you should know that roses express the strongest emotion in the world: love. Roses, like orchids, come in multiple colors such as red, which is the most common, white, yellow, pink, orange, violet, and more. Roses can have small blooms or large blooms. They are best given for anniversaries or for Valentine’s Day.

3.    Tulips


Tulips are one of the cutest flowers in the world, according to florachic.com. Tulips come in sunny colors such as yellow and red, and they burst into full bloom during summers. They express feelings of happiness and feeling of perfection.

4.    Carnations

carnation flowers with card for mothers day

Carnations come from Greek culture and they roughly translate to “heavenly flower”. Carnations, much like roses, are used to express the emotions of love or admiration. Carnations are mostly used for special occasions such as weddings and they can be large and fluffy.

5.    Lilies


Lilies are so gentle that they resemble a women’s touch. Lilies have large multicolored petals that resemble a woman’s love. Lilies are quite the exotic ones and usually come in white with shades of red. Apart from the before mentioned resemblances, lilies express the beauty and everything good in women.

6.    Daisies


The summer flower, daisies have a scientific name that means “pretty everlasting”. Daisies are unique in their own way as they usually open their petals at dawn and close them at night. Daisies are used to express the feelings of everlasting love, cheerfulness, and new beginnings. Daisies are also regarded as quite sentimental flowers.

7.      Irises


Out of all the colors irises come in, blue with yellow highlights is the most common one. Irises express faith and hope and it is used to tell a woman that you have full confidence in her. Irises also express love emotions; it tells a woman that you value your relationship with her, and that you trust your future together.

8.    Amaryllis


This unique flower is star-shaped with the most dominant colors being red and pink. The Latin name of amaryllis is amarysso, which means “to sparkle”. Amaryllis is used to tell a woman that she is perfect, in both beauty and elegance, and that her looks are equal to the shining stars in the night sky.