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The New 2020 Cruise Collection by Giorgio Armani is Here

by Elsa Stringer

The newest collection by the iconic designer Giorgio Armani was showcased in Tokyo, at the National Museum. This co-ed collection has an abundance of loose tailoring for numerous occasions.

When tailoring is in question, Giorgio Armani has always done what he is known for and good at. This designer regularly chooses refinement instead of trend reinvention, and he has mastered the tricky art of consistency over the decades in the industry.


His latest 2020 cruise collection, Insula, was unveiled in Japan last Friday. Inside the glossy and greyscale halls of the National Museum building, the co-ed lineup of models featured unstructured structure of soft and loose tailoring filled with the typical Milanese polish.


The casual knit jackets and suede double breasted blazers were featured in many looks that can be worn casual or formal. Furthermore, a whole palette of chocolate brown and neutrals colors was seen, a collection as subtle as its designer. Not a single piece seems to try too hard in pushing the requirements of the mid-season clothing, and nothing is too far away from the ethos of this Italian designer.


During a time when contemporaries want grander, bigger and bolder events everywhere, Armani stayed on familiar grounds and introduced his new line to Japan, while his company reopens the recently renovated 12 story Giorgio Armani tower located in Ginza.

Despite the overall minimalism, the new 124 looks had a successful debut. This exhibition brought the famous Armani name into the future and never tried one bit too hard while doing it. Behind this mixed palette, relaxed silhouettes and a refined casual approach, this is still and always will be Armani.


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