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The Secrets to Queen Elizabeth’s Long Life Revealed: She’ll Be 100 in 7 Years!

by Tracy Finke

Despite her age, the Queen of England does not give up her royal duties. If you have been wondering what’s the secret of her vitality and longevity, we have the answer.

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Queen Elizabeth’s mother was 101 years old. Although Elizabeth is eight years far from that age, many are convinced that the same fate awaits her as her mother.


She avoids all harmful habits such as smoking and liquids.

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She never stopped working

The Queen has many obligations and does not intend to stop working. State visits, humanitarian work, various ceremonies, is everything she archives to do. Scientists say that this lifestyle keeps the brain alive and young.

Healthy diet

With all these top chefs always at her service, it’s not hard for the Queen to eat healthily. She enjoys simple dishes the most. For breakfast, she eats corn flakes with dried fruits and nuts. Lunch and dinner are generally light, most often chicken or fish with vegetables.

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Her personal chef revealed in an interview that the Queen eats very healthy on private occasions. He also avoids pasta and potatoes late at night.

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Lots of walking

And at 93, the Queen is very active and in good shape. She goes on long walks every day to stay physically active.

Drinking tea

Of course, like all Britons, Queen Elizabeth loves tea. Each morning starts with one cup of green tea. It is known to be full of antioxidants that help to restore the body.

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“I shall never forget the scene outside Buckingham Palace on Jubilee Day. The cheerful crowd was symbolic of the hundreds of thousands of people who greeted us wherever we went in this Jubilee Year – in twelve Commonwealth countries and thirty-six counties in the United Kingdom… God bless you and a very happy Christmas to you all.” . This quote is taken from the 1977 Christmas Broadcast. #ARoyalChristmas Swipe to see images from the 7th June 1977, Jubilee Day, when a special service of thanksgiving was held at St Paul's Cathedral. Planning for the Christmas Broadcast begins months in advance, when The Queen decides on the themes she wishes to address. The broadcast has been, and remains, the Monarch’s own personal message to the nation and Commonwealth. Her Majesty’s speech from 1977 can be found in full on our website, linked in our story! . ? Press Association

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