The Sci-Fi Movies Seem Absolutely Real Thanks To Skai

by Elsa Stringer

Skai is based on the concept of air vehicles, and it seems to be the first hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle in the world. Furthermore, it is also the VTOL – vertical take-off and landing air vehicle. Designed by experts from BMW Designworks and Alaka’i Technologies, this type of car, as believed by many, will introduce the flying cars into our lives.

Even though Skai is still in the testing phase, its features don’t cease to impress numerous people. When it comes Skai’s interior, it includes five seats (in the shape of V-formation), made from materials which are impact-absorbing, together with the leather upholstery and four-point harnesses. On the inside, this car is designed in a rather minimalist way.

On the outside, Skai has big windows and slide doors. Moreover, it has a glass roof which makes this vehicle appear even more powerful. When it comes to the whole design, it includes the airframe which is carbon composite, and landing skids of extremely thin proportions.

Not only does this vehicle look breathtaking, but it also has a rather impressive power train. Its maximum speed is 190 km/h (118 mph), thanks to the six electric motors, supported by three hydrogen fuel cells. Furthermore, since the tank of this car will be capable of containing from 53 to 106 gallons (200-400 liters), it will be able to have a range of 644 km (400 miles) and 4 hours in the air.

Autonomous flight is available as an option, though it is forbidden by the regulations of FAA. The creators of this car state that it won’t need any helipad or runway in order to operate successfully.

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