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A Santa Claus Performer’s Expert Strolling Techniques

by Edvard Berlusconi

When most people imagine a Santa Claus performer, they picture a jolly, bearded man dressed to the nines in Santa Claus’ attire. They picture a belly-jiggling laugh, expertly recounted stories, and plenty of holiday cheer. Most also imagine Santa Claus sitting in one place – a comfy chair while children sit on his lap. That’s not how each Santa Claus performer operates, though. Some, even today, prefer the strolling techniques of old. A quick jaunt through the mall or corporate office to spread merriment and joy to the masses. But strolling requires technique.

Master Strolling Techniques

A masterful Santa Claus strolling performance is the key to a fantastic evening in many venues. Sure, Santa could sit in one spot. But that grows tiresome after a short while. Even the children will become bored. An enthusiastic Santa Claus – one who visits everyone in person – will be the highlight of the evening in more ways than one.


Here are the strolling techniques modern performers use to their benefit:

  • Ensures enthusiasm and mobility to help present an interactive and vibrant experience for everyone in attendance – young or old.
  • Wears the appropriate attire specifically for strolling. In this case, a light or lined costume, depending on the weather, and quality footwear with the proper support and soles.
  • Will carry multiple pairs of fresh, white gloves to ensure hands are covered, clean, and sparkling white.
  • Santa remains conscious of body odors, bad breath, and gas-inducing foods during the night.
  • Is able to read an audience from afar and discern the best type of plan or act to really get their attention and excitement bursting over.
  • Has tricks for dealing with a hesitant or shy child – at least 10 techniques.
  • Maintains control of the situation with professional movements, volume, distance, and gestures of all kinds.

Furthermore, one of the most important parts of strolling as Santa Claus is knowing your audience. In a room full of children, it pays to know the latest toys, movies, and cartoons that are happening right now. Santa Claus should be able to assess the room and discern the general age group of the children in question. Then, he can tailor his routine to meet their needs.


Being Santa Claus can be a lot of work – more so than most parents can imagine when opting for the DIY route. An entertainer is an investment in the joy and happiness of everyone, not just children, in attendance at the party. So, finding the right real bearded Santa Claus can make a world of difference! Check some of the best entertainment options on hiresanta.com.