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How to Hire Santa for the Holiday Season

by Edvard Berlusconi

Sure, it’s still summer, but for a lot of companies and party planners, now is the time to start searching for the perfect entertainment. A lot of experienced Santa Claus performers, like ones available on santaallen.com, wind up fully booked for the holidays around this time.

Tips for Hiring Santa Claus

Besides hiring early; here are a few more tips for hiring the perfect Santa Claus for your holiday event, party, or get together at work.


  • Always ask for references when hiring any Santa Claus – online or in person.
  • Ask about entertainers’ insurance, which will protect Santa Claus while on the job.
  • Verify your Santa Claus’ background to ensure they do not have a criminal record.

Another necessary tip, and one most people forget, is to schedule early. It’s not uncommon for Santa Claus entertainers to be booked full. A lot of repeat customers know to schedule as early as August or September.

It’s important to remember that the more popular a Santa Claus, the busier their schedule. If you are set on a specific performer, start now.

Child Accommodations


For the most part, a holiday party is, often, for children. As such, your chosen Santa Claus must be able to handle a rowdy group of kids for an extended period without losing their cool. But of course, this also means not overloading the performer. They’re not your babysitter.

For a large event or corporate party, it’s common for Santa Claus to accommodate around 50 children per hour. If you’re hosting a house party, allotting about 4 minutes per child with Santa Claus seems to be the magic number for most. This allows children to experience Santa and have a little chat with St. Nick one-on-one. For parents, this is enough time for a photo op.

Hiring the Extras


A lot of entertainment companies will also offer additional performers, such as elves or Mrs. Claus, alongside Santa Claus. It’s completely up to you as to how many additional performers, if any, you hire for the event.

Often, it’s best to hire the entire group as one for a large party. In a home setting, hiring just Santa Claus is generally ideal.

Hiring the perfect Santa Claus for the holiday season doesn’t have to be an unsightly chore. With these expert tips, you’ll have the right entertainment for any part you host this holiday season!