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The Real Reason for Pamela Anderson’s Fifth Divorce Revealed?

by Tracy Finke

The news that Pamela Anderson, 52, is getting a divorce from 22 years older film producer Jon Peters, after only 12 days of marriage, has shocked many. The “Baywatch” star did not want to explain the reason for the collapse of their marriage, but the alleged reasons for their divorce were leaked to the public.

“Pamela does not operate on the same wavelength as other people. She has a huge heart, and she loves big, fast, and hard. She came back from her trip, and Jon said to her, ‘I love you, let’s get married.’ So she said, ‘OK.'”, a source close to the couple told Page Six.

Image source: pagesix.com

“Pamela felt that he was frustrated over how she wanted to maintain her financial independence. He started to make calls about her career and cast her in a movie he was working on, things she didn’t want”, an insider continued.

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After the news about their divorce spread on social media, Pamela Anderson wrote about it on Twitter on several occasions. In her latest tweet, the attractive blonde explained that she was not such a wonderful wife.

Pamela Anderson Separates From Husband After 12 Days of Marriage

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“I only wanted to be married once … doesn’t everyone? I have a beautiful family; I am a good mom…just not a great wife – can’t have it all. I’m not an easy wife”, Anderson wrote on Twitter recently.

Jon Peters produced the movie “A Star was Born,” and a 1970s version starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, as well as the more modern one, with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Before getting married to Peters, Pamela had been in a relationship with French footballer Adil Rami.