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The One ‘I Love You’ POTUS Won’t Hear Coming is Melania Trump’s

by Sinisav

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – 01/26/2020: Donald Trump and Melania Trump are married for fifteen years. They haven’t really had any major issues, but since entering the White House, some things changed. We are talking about their body language and relations between the two.

According to Kate Bennett, the author of the book Free Melania the reason is their exposure to the public eye. Because they are always monitored by the press, and their staff, Presidential couple no longer say I love you to each other.

Melania Trump

Source: ibtimes.com

Last week it was the 15th anniversary of the marriage between Melania and Donald. Many people believe this marriage is a facade despite their longevity. Reporters and commoners alike are wondering how Melania manages to stay with Donald due to all controversies that follow him. In the past, he was known as someone who doesn’t respect women.

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Patti Wood, a body language expert, also commented on the relationship between POTUS and the First Lady. She claims that the relation between the two changed drastically since Donald became President. Wood went as far as to claim that Melania’s body language clearly shows that she’s not happy besides Donald Trump. Her posture, on many occasions, looked like she is trying to make herself look small. This means that she is dissatisfied with her husband.

Many experts now call this pose ‘the Melania.’ But, Wood states that Melania Trump wasn’t always like this. Once relaxed and straightforward person now looks like someone under constant pressure. The area around her mouth shows this tension she suffers.

They also no longer hold hands when appearing publicly as they used too. In addition to this, Melania rarely laughs in the presence of her husband. She also doesn’t look in the same direction when the pair walks together.

We don’t have comments on this by the Presidential couple, but if Donald Trump doesn’t get reelected, a lot of hidden truths might come out.

Source: ibtimes.com