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Was Melania Trump’s Best Kept Secrete Revealed?

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/25/2020: Melania Trump is no ordinary person. Of course, she is the First Lady of the United States. But, she was special even before that. Melania was a supermodel, and after that, a wife of a billionaire. But, little is known of her private life despite being a public persona all of her life.

Now, one of the most exciting things about her got revealed. Apparently, the First Lady has a unique smell. Kate Bennett, the author of the book Free Melania: The Unauthorised Biography at least claims so. Bennett stated that there’s something extraordinary in the way Melania Trump smells. According to her, even people who don’t have sensitive noses would know that there’s something special with the way Melania smells.

Melania Trump

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Sources from the White House confirm this story. Those who spent time in her proximity know that you first feel Melania’s fragrance before she enters the room. It’s like her perfume goes two seconds before her to warn reporters and photographers that the First Lady is on the way.

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But, the mystery is that no one knows which perfume or fragrance she uses. Kate Bennet, in her book Free Melania, explains that it remains unknown which scent Melania uses. It seems like it’s a state secret. Most people who had the chance to smell it believe that it is a custom made or off-label fragrance.

It also gives a vibe that it is a mixture of fragrances and smells. Bennett describes it as a mixture of lily and jasmine with a touch of cinnamon and oolong tea. There are people in Melania Trump’s inner circle who could confirm this, but we couldn’t get anyone to comment. The person who definitely knows it is her hairstylist Mordechai Alvow, employed by the First Lady for thirteen years who described Melania as loving, fun, incredible and great.

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