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The Best Content Marketing Tips for 2020

by Jajce d Muckic

Today, the most successful and effective marketing campaigns are done online since the internet and technology have become an indispensable part of people’s daily lives. Sharing content – anything that can be published online (text, videos, social media posts, blogs, images, etc.) has also become a big part of user’s online activity, and because of this, content marketing has emerged.

This is a marketing technique that involves creating, sharing, and distributing content that is meant to stimulate people’s interest in products or services and build a clearly defined audience, with the objective of acquiring profit.

What are the advantages of Content Marketing?


Content is the starting and ending point of an online campaign and as such, it offers numerous advantages to businesses. Some of these advantages include: more targeted visits from search engines and social media, increased user engagement, more conversions (site visitors who are paying customers), and it is great for increasing awareness of one’s brand.

What are the best tips to follow?


There are a lot of things one can do to create a great content marketing strategy, but here are some of the most useful tips to follow that can help you in the process.

  1. Write evergreen content

Deciding what content to publish might take some time, but if you want to ensure longevity and success you need evergreen content – useful, always relevant, detailed, and informative, content that is above all else, creative and original. According to experts from Blue Swing Media, this will help you gain an online presence, building higher rankings on Google over time, and generating more traffic in return.

  1. Build topic and website relevancy

The things you post online should always be aligned with the goals you’ve set for your website. That means you should always stick to your area of expertise and never stray away from it, even when you have other interests. If you are selling coffee makers, include articles related to coffee, if it is about technology, write only about that.

  1. Publish content consistently

This will not only help you build a list of loyal fans but keeping a consistent publishing schedule can help you with organizing your time better. New content can also serve as an incentive to get more visits from search engines, newsletters, and social media sites while keeping your regular visitors satisfied and happy.

  1. Promote your content

You shouldn’t expect potential customers to simply search for your website to buy your products. This is why promoting your content is important and it is the best way to ensure it gets attention. There are many ways you can do promotion, but the fastest and immediate might be creating social media posts, while the most powerful is probably email. This will require you, however, to pay attention to several aspects, including verifying your mailing list to increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Check this blog to understand how email verification can reduce bounce rates and improve overall email deliverability.

  1. View your content as data

Quality, consistent, and up-to-date content is probably the most important thing when it comes to this marketing strategy and knowing whether your content is effective or not is crucial. This is why you should focus on analytics in your marketing strategy. You need to continuously track and assess traffic patterns, and in the process check the performance of the material you are providing. Treating your content as data or information will also help you learn about your visitor’s preferences, tastes, and purchasing behavior.



There are numerous benefits from content marketing and it should be an important part of any business. Finding the right balance between content creation, conversion, and user satisfaction is key when designing your strategy, so follow these tips to ensure the full effectiveness of your content and the best possible results.

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