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5 Ways to Save Money on Engagement Rings In 2024

by Victoria Boatright

If you thought that finding the right girl is hustle, wait till you go ring hunting. You’ll change your mind; we do not doubt it. They’re easy to find, but picking the right one won’t be. There won’t be diamonds at a discount, we can guarantee you this, but there are ways you could save at least a little bit. Tale a look at our list of five ways to save money on engagement rings.

1. Think About Size And Shape

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Round shaped cut diamonds is what every girl wants to have for an engagement ring. You can afford this even if you’re trying to cut back the expenses. Just like gold and other gemstones, diamonds come in carats. The bigger the stone, the more money it’s going to cost you – this is the simple rule. The difference in cost could be significant even if the one is size isn’t all that significant. This is one way to be kind to your budget. Let’s say you aim for a 1-carat diamond, but you can afford only the 0.9carat one. It would be best if you went down this alley, as the price is significantly lower for only 0.1 carats. For someone inexperienced in the field of diamonds, they will look almost identical. You wouldn’t believe how much soar once you go over the one-carat line. If this isn’t what you want to do, worry not; in his section, we have another trick.

Try to go with a different shape. The round-shaped ones aren’t the only ones available on the market. What they are is the most expensive option. How about princess or oval shape? These options could keep you under the budget while still offering a perfect crown for your engagement ring. The best part is that if you take the oval one, it will even appear to be bigger than the round one. You could even find yourself in a win-win situation.

2. Think Vintage or Unique

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You can’t go wrong if you pick up a vintage or unique ring, or you can even go with both. The rings of all days are better than what we have today. If you opt for one made long ago, not necessarily in a galaxy far away, you could save a couple of bucks. One thing you could do, and it would be a favor to yourself – don’t force it to be a diamond ring. Sapphire or emerald could serve the purpose even better than a diamond depending on the circumstances. If your loved one has green eyes, you could even hit a bullseye. Some would even dare t say that diamonds are cliche, so you have that on your side if you opt for a different stone.

When the time comes that you definitely need to have a ring, you’ll have no time to waste. Because of this shop around until you find what you’re looking for before it’s too late. Also, don’t forget to be extra careful and by only stones that are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  You’ll be grateful to us later if you do this. If you still aren’t sure which ring to buy and where to look, don’t be afraid and click here, we have a proposal for you, or  check out https://www.moissaniteco.com/moissanite/engagement-rings. You will get a clear idea on what to look before buying wedding rings. This will save a lot of time during your wedding preparations.

3. Double Down on Color and Clarity

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When it comes to the weight of a diamond, we have carats. But, they’re not the only measure of a stone’s value. You can also look at color and clarity. You can pick the most prestigious ones, the D scaled, which are colorless, and then there are the Z scaled, which are somewhat yellowish. When it comes to clarity, you have flawless pieces and those who are marked from the inside, which is a trait you can’t see with a naked eye. They designated as FL for flawless and SI for slightly included.

The difference in these traits, in most instances, isn’t visible to amateurs, but the price can vary greatly. If you want value for your money, aim for an H or G in color and SI in clarity. You could get a big, beautiful stone that no one you know won’t be able to guess the value.

4. Less is More

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This won’t make sense at the beginning, but if you buy more diamonds, you could save money. No, we are not crazy; hear us out. Don’t buy one large gem; buy a couple of smaller ones. You have those squared into a mosaic, which not only looks fantastic but is also much cheaper. You can get heart-shaped, oval-shaped, or shaped in a form you choose for a couple of extra dollars. These days, it is popular to go with a halo shape. If you position one stone in the middle of the ring and surround it with smaller pieces, it will still look big enough, but it will save you quite some pennies—another brilliant money-saving option on our part.

5. Precious Metal Dilemma

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The size of the stone doesn’t only dictate the price of an engagement ring. There are many factors involved. The biggest one, after the diamond cost, is the price of the ring itself. Platinum and gold are the most obvious choices, and they influence the price the most. The latter one was a fan favorite for years, probably because it offers a less costly variant. If you want durability and strength, platinum is the obvious choice. You only need to pay the price difference. Of course, you could go with non-traditional options such as silver or titanium. Bot are darker in tone and not often mentioned in these conversations, but offer a fair price. These two could save you a pretty penny.

Final Words

Engagement is an important event in the lives of those in love, but it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank for a ring. With our help, you now know how to get the ring that would impress any girl, without having to spend large amounts of money. Use this knowledge wisely.