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That Time When Melania Created an Optical Illusion With Her Clothes

by Sinisav

NICKI SWIFT – 03/23/2020: Melania Trump is often under the spotlight. It happens when you are the first lady of the United States. Her sense of fashion is regularly praised by stylists and journalists alike. But, this time, we are not going to comment on her outfit in that manner.

What we’re going to do is to remind you of that one time when it seemed that Melania made an optical illusion with her clothes. It happened back in 2018, in December. What the first lady did that night was to confuse everyone who saw her.

Melania Trump

Source: meaww.com

You had to rub your eyes twice to notice what’s going on. Melania wore nude leather leggings. Upon first look, it looked like she was actually naked. This created confusion, as it looked like she has nothing covering her lower part of the body and that she’s wearing an only super-short green coat. This outfit would be highly inappropriate for a President’s wife, so hence the looks of wonder.

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Like we said, on the upper part of her body, she had a green coat, with skin-colored leggings and shoes of the same color. While she was walking across the lawn, at moments, it honestly looked like she has nothing under her coat.

Another thing that left netizens in surprise after they realized that she is wearing leggings after all was another fashion item. If you can get your eyes from her legs, you will notice that she’s wearing sunglasses. Now, she wears them often, but not at night, as rarely anyone does that.

Among many outfits that Melania Trump wore during her time as the first lady, this one will stand out due to the optical illusion that her leggings created, and wholly unnecessary detail of sunglasses during the night.

Source: nickiswift.com